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Survival Warehouse Ranch

FILMED at Survival Warehouse Ranch! Some preppers believe in safety in numbers -- as is the case for Jeff Mann, who leads "the Colony," a community of 25 preppers unified with the single purpose of surviving doomsday. Watch as he prepares his son, Colten, to take the reins by having him hunt down live boar in the Florida swamps and builds the Colony's very own gallows -- an important message that there are laws to be upheld, even in times of chaos.

Survival Warehouse Ranch is a survival community of like minded individuals on a 22 acre secured Central Florida ranch. Are you interested in preparing for a US societal collapse, natural disaster, or other problem that will make law and order a thing of the past?  It can be overwhelming when you look at the cost and complexity of planning? So, you have been prepping at home? Large gangs of thugs will be going door to door collecting everything you have put together if your not in a secured community of other preppers.  Are you a prepper looking for a group of like-minded individuals to bug out with? Do you want access to a fully secured and stocked retreat location but don’t have one of your own? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we may have a spot for you at the Survival Warehouse Ranch.  We offer space and membership in our community for $150,000.

Let us do the planning for you and when the time comes, you’ll have a comfortable, well-prepared beautiful community to retreat to. Our 22-acre Central Florida prepare community is secure, and fully sustainable. We are assembling a community of like-minded individuals who wish to take advantage of thestrength in numbers principle to assure safety and long-term self-sufficiency in the event of a societal collapse. We are using 40' high top containers as a secure base for this community. Each family has their own locked and secure container. The containers can be finished like a custom home or any way you prefer. We have eleven (11) containers on site now. We will consider the community filled at 40 containers. The ranch has two 4" well going direct into spring water some 350' down. Several modern large secure barns. On site caretakers and employees on the ranch 7-days a week. It is a beautiful safe haven in Central Florida filled with deer, emu, chickens, and more.

We believe that groups of well-prepared, well-informed survivalists will stand the best chance of long term survival in the event of a major societal collapse. When the SHTF you’ll want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals with a diverse range of skills and abilities – people to care for livestock, tend to the ill, protect and defend the area, growing the fresh foods, etc. Our growing community of survivalist and preparedness specialists (including doctors, police, former military, pilots, animal husbandry professionals, food preservation specialists, etc.) will ensure the health, well-being, and safety of our community members, resources, and assets.

In addition to our the highly trained community members and spacious, secure location we also offer a literal warehouse worth of survival supplies to guarantee long term self sufficient living for at least 50 people. We have 4 years worth of freeze-dried food in addition to reproducing livestock (including cattle, goats, chickens, fallow deer, and emu), an several heirloom seed kits to ensure fresh and adequate food for everyone. Our ranch features two 4" deep wells, a rainwater collection system, as well as access to a lake and ponds in addition to 1,000 gallons of stored fresh water. We have all the necessary fresh and saltwater filtration systems to purify an unlimited amount of water.

For the safety and security of community members we are heavily armed and have more than 800,000 rounds of ammo. Our unique community includes trained tactical and weapons specialists as well as patrol dogs. We are equipped with radiation detection devices, night vision equipment, security systems, back-up generators and stored fuel, medical supplies, Segway's, and communication radios for your protection and comfort. In addition, our small town has a standing emergency group of around 30 members. This group is almost all X-Law Enforcement, and X-Military and work directly with us.  Your family will be safe & happy here.  All Members of our community also buy survival foods and survival supplies at very big discounts. This alone will re-cover a lot of your membership cost. 

A societal collapse, natural disaster, or one of many other disasters is a very real possibility and being prepared is essential but preparations don’t have to be scary and overwhelming. By securing your spot in our Survival Warehouse Ranch Community you’re assuring your families safety and well-being without all the stress and insecurity of planning and going it alone. Why not sit back, relax, and enjoy your pre-collapse life and let us do all the planning for you? Give Jeff Mann a call at 407-349-2525 today!

Survival Ranch Bios:
Jeff Mann
Bill Hennessey

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