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Welcome to “Pioneer Living/Back to Basics” Website!

There are many generous and aware individuals in America and the world that truly see the hunger crisis going on in America and the world right now. We believe the best way to make sure no human goes hungry in America or any where in the world is through education. “Give a person a tomato, a potato, an apple it feeds this person for a day, teach a person to grow tomatoes, potatoes, and apples you feed them for life.”

Modern Day – “Back to Basics” The Forgotten/Lost Art of Basic Human Survival

Information and solutions for humans from all walks of life how to grow and preserve their own nutritious food. Information about water survival, making sure the water you are drinking is safe clean water, the most important element to human survival, water!

It is our goal at “Pioneer Living/Back To Basics Magazine” to be able to inform as many human beings as possible the forgotten/lost art of basic human survival. How did our grandparents, great grandparents, and ancestors survive without all the modern conveniences available to us today? Helping humans all over the world with solutions for caring for themselves and their families.

Often when people think about a survivalist, they envision someone who is trained in the outdoors and can survive off the land but a survivalist also stock piles food and possibly weapons to prepare for a disaster and the future unknown. Our ancestors were in reality survivalists.

This was because they were self sufficient, were responsible for one’s own self and family, protection, health, and sustenance as well as shelter.
This is what our ancestors knew and lived every day. They were prepared for what life brings through planning, learning, and preparing for any possible future.

The articles you will find in all our issues will be focused on simpler times what our ancestors knew and lived every day. From disaster preparedness, extreme wilderness survival, growing and preserving your own nutritious food, foraging for food in the wilderness, water survival, and basic every day living.

Information and solutions to survive our ever changing environment in which we live in today. Solutions for taking back the responsibility of ones own self.

We think that you will be surprised how simple it is, no matter what walk of life you come from, how to get back to basics and in control of your life.

Through education we can teach people how to survive more than one day at a time. We can teach them how to feed themselves and their families for life, be prepared for the future unknown and the basic art of human survival to be pasted on for generations to come. Solutions to live healthy, happy and free. The knowledge no one should be without.

Editors, Pioneer Living/Back To Basics