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Posted: 17th February 2010 by cindy in Canning and Preserving, Survival Food Strategy
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Everyone asks the question about food. What do we put back, How do we store it, What will we eat?

I have found that putting back food that you already eat, is not going to hurt you. People that have farms, already have food for themselves, chickens, goats, livestock, turkeys, wheat, corn. But you can never be prepared enough. I have stocked pile foods such as canned meats, pastas, flour, sugar (the price is going up). When shopping those days buy one get one free, the extra one you got for free(not really) put it back. Now you will see it building slowly, and that is your goal. It is good to dehydrate foods, veggies, fruits, some meats, eggs, etc. and store them in mason jars, or a sealer works nice(they sell at walmart)

You can also store flours, sugar, wheat in a 5 gallon bucket, with lid to seal. Put your product inside, and then put a piece of dry ice in, put on lid, not tightly, then wait 10 to 15 mins. or dry ice is gone, then seal completely immediately. Mark your buckets with the contents inside. Dehydrating is simple enough, with meat though, a little more cooking needs to be done (hamburger) cook it 3 times, to make sure all of your grease has left the meat, then you hydrated. Investing in a wheat grinder is ideal. that way you can grind your flour as needed.There are books out there on dehydrating, canning, etc. I have them. It is wise to invest in them if you do not already have them.  Getting back to the pioneer days is not an easy task, since today in our society you can go to the store to buy food, and prepare on gas, or electric stoves, or microwaves. Think about this, they didn’t have our modern day conveniences back then, it was work for the women to prepare meals, especially for larger families, but they enjoyed it. If we were not to have all these conveniences today, would we still kept the tradition of preparing the food the way they did. Outside cooking is nice, yes, put some steaks, chicken on the grill. Cooking outside then was a necessity, not a luxury. If given that choice, to live that way, would you? If there was no choice at all, you would have too.

Spices, and herbs are also good to have, it flavors your food, so it is not dull, and also can be used for medicinal purpose. Oregano is closely looked at now as a healing herb, study up on it, amazing info.

Having books on hand, like flowers you can eat, or use as medicines is great, survival books, what to eat, not to eat. Be prepared in all areas, food, storage, survival, guns & ammo, also medical kits. Whether it is a terrorists attack, or hurricane, tornado, bomb, emp, or tyranny, being ready with what you need to survive is essential. We would teach our boys’ in the woods what to do to survive, you can make a game out of it. They know about fire making, food, hunting, what to eat, not to eat(still working on that) and protecting themselves. Like making traps, for animals, or the enemy. Teaching children can be fun, and know that if things were to happen, that you taught them what to do to survive, and  have that peace of mind that they will know, and will survive. Bless you all, and keep safe. cindy

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