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We offer four different 30 day food for emergency preparedness packages. Each 30 day food supply for emergency kit is designed for one person. If you have three people in your family, you will need to order three food supply kits. These food supplies for emergency are also perfect for earthquake survival kits.

1 Month 2 Bucket Survival Food Supply
MRE 30 day Kit-2 meals a day
plus snacks and drinks

1 Month Premium Survival Food Supplies
2 Meals Per Day for 30 Days

1 Month Pouch Survival Food Supply
1 Month Premium Survival Food Supplies
Click Here For Price & Details
1 Month Pouch Survival Food Supply
Click Here For Price & Details

Mountian House Pouch Buckets - 30 days - 2000 Calories Per Day
1 Month 2000 Calories Per Day
Survival Food Supplies

Click Here For Price & Details

Gather Food Supply for Emergency
Earthquake Survival Kits

American Red Cross logo

When a natural or human-caused disaster strikes your area, you might not have food, water, and electricity for a extended time. By taking steps now to store food for emergency preparedness and water supplies, along with Earthquake survival kits if you live where the ground moves, you can reduce the effect of any such disaster on your family.

During and after a emergency, it is vital that you and your household (including your pets) eat enough to maintain your strength. You should have a at least a 30 day food supply for emergency. If your in a earthquake area you should also have a 1st aid kit and Survival Kit. The 30 day survival food kit, survival kit, and 1st aid kit together form "EarthQuake Survival Kits". No single kit has everything you would want or need for a major earthquake. But, putting the three survival kits together, make a perfect Earthquake survival kit.

  • Store Freeze dried foods or MRE's. Foods that require no refrigeration, or cooking are best. Include vitamin, mineral,
    and protein supplements to ensure adequate nutrition. Also, Survival Food Bars work great to give you the extra energy you need.
  • Store enough food for 30 days per family member. It is better
    to have extra you can share than to run out.
  • Family members with special diets and allergies will need particular attention, as will babies, and older people. Nursing mothers will need liquid formula, in case they are unable to nurse. Be sure to get any medicines required into the survival kit you make up. Again, a good survival kit is made from three kits together. No one kit will be 100% what you need.
  • Make sure you have a manual can opener and camping utensils.

Photo of mother packing food suppliesDuring and after a earthquake or emergency, eat at least one well-balanced meal each day, more if you are working hard. If you can reduce your activity, healthy people can survive on half their usual food intake for long periods and without any food for many days. But, clean water is a must and the water filter is one of those important things you will pick. Do not go cheap on your water filter!

For emergency cooking, you can use a small camp stove to heat water and meals.

How and Where to Store Food For Emergency Preparedness

  • Keep freeze dried food & MRE's in a dry, cool spot—out of the sun, if possible.
  • Wrap perishable foods, such as cookies
    and crackers in plastic bags and keep them in sealed containers.
  • Empty opened packages of sugar, dried fruits and nuts into airtight cans to keep them fresh and unspoiled.

Always Avoid

  • Canned goods that have become swollen, dented or corroded. TRASH THEM!
  • Fatty, high-protein or salty foods when your water supply is low. Salt is good in hot weather when you have a lot of water to drink.

Always Do

  • Keep your hands clean — it's the best ways to keep from getting sick. If soap and running water are not available, use alcohol-based hand gels or wipes.
  • Inspect food for signs of spoilage, this is important. Throw out perishable foods, like meats and poultry, that have been left out at room temperature for more than 3 hours.
  • Eat canned foods with high liquid content if your water supplies are low. Better yet, have water purification tablets< or a high quality Katadyn water filter for a endless water supply.
  • If there's a power outage, eat food in the refrigerator first, the freezer next, your stored supplies, and then last your MRE's and Freeze dried food. In a food filled, insulated freezer, foods will usually still have ice crystals in their centers (meaning foods are safe to eat) for at least two or more days.

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