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Survival Cave Canned Food

Survival Cave Food is the only long term canned meat that will store for 20 years if you store your Survival Cave canned meats at or below 72f. Survival Warehouse offers FREE SHIPPING on most Survival Cave food orders in the lower 48 states. The taste is great and it stacks nice for easy storage. Try the Survival Cave canned meat and you will be adding more to your food storage plan.

We also have bundles of the 360 serving buckets priced to sell
in serving amounts up to 4,320 servings! Click here.

New for 2013 - Survival Cave Food's Tropical Fruit Buckets are great! Each bucket has six different kinds of freeze dried fruits inside, and they are packaged for a 20 year shelf life! Every package comes in a metalite (metalized poly) bag with an oxygen absorber to extend the shelf life as much as possible. Buckets available in 150 and 300 servings.

Survival Cave Food Tropical Buckets

Does your survival food storage program contain enough essential proteins? My guess would be no. You can add the essential proteins needed with the Survival Cave canned Turkey. Survival Cave meats taste great and store a very long time.

Why Survival Cave canned turkey, canned chicken, canned beef?

Survival Cave foods are processed in a manner that makes them perfect for any long term food storage program. Survival Cave canned meat is also great for camping. Survival Cave canned turkey is all white meat packed in 28 oz. cans. Survival Cave canned turkey has no water or broth added. Canned turkey just has the delicious natural juices of the canned meat. The canned chicken and canned beef are just as good. now offers Survival Cave Food’s new line of Gluten Free Fruit Buckets. This is a great addition to any survival or long term food storage program. has Survival Cave fruit buckets in stock and ready for fast, free shipping.
Survival Cave freeze dried food:

  • Lasts 20 years or more if stored in cool area
  • Re-sealable pouches will stay fresh for another year after opening
  • We usually ship within 24 hours from the location
  • Survival Food Buckets include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and beverages

Survival Cave canned meats:

  • Survival Cave meat is slow pressure cooked at 240 degrees in the can giving it a much longer shelf life (there is no expiration date but 12 – 15 years is an estimate from Survival Cave Foods. believes it could last thirty years or more if stored in a cool area)
  • No water or broth added (most all of the other meats in the market use less meat and add water or broth to bring their product up to weight) 28 ounce cans of pure meat with no fillers.
  • WE use real people to hand pack the cans to ensure they are full
  • No MSG, additives or chemicals are in the canned meats. Only meat and some salt
  • Very low in sodium
  • Lowest in fat for any survival meat
  • Great taste, texture and flavor packed into each can of meat
  • All Survival Cave meats are USDA inspected for quality
  • We hand select only the best cuts of meat to ensure the highest quality
  • Survival Cave meat cans are labeled for long term food storage
  • Not available in any stores. Buy direct from the largest Survival Cave distributor,

Survival Cave Fruit Buckets

Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food

Survival Cave Canned Meat

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