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Mountain House 3-Month Survival Food Kits

We offer five different Mountain House 3-Month Survival Food kits. Each freeze dried survival food kit is designed for one person. If you have three people in your family, you will need to order three kits and you can mix and match to each persons needs. Mountain House survival foods in our 3-month food kits are packed in #10 cans or handy to use pouches. These freeze dried food kits have a shelf life of up to 25 years. Just click on the survival food kits below for information and pricing. We offer FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states for all of our 3-month survival foods.

This “Basic” survival foods kit provides one MEAL per day for one person. This kit is designed to be used in conjunction with other canned or stored foods you have on hand.
This “Premium” food system provides Two (2) Balanced Meals per day for one person. This kit can be used as stand alone Survival foods for one person for 3-months.
Basic Survival Food Kit
Click Here For Price & Details
Premium Survival Food Kit
Click Here For Price & Details

We call this kit the Imperial. Its name speaks for itself. With this Imperial freeze dried food kit you will eat like a KING! The “Imperial” food kits provides you a balanced (3) THREE FULL MEALS per day for one person. Plus you get desserts, vegetables, cottage cheese, and much more. With this kit you Survive in Style.
This “Vegetarian” food system provides Two (2) Balanced Vegetarian Meals per day for one person. This kit can be used as stand alone vegetarian survival food kit for one person for 3-months.
Imperial Survival Food Kits
Click Here For Price & Details
Vegetarian Survival Food Kit
Click Here For Price & Details

The Mountain House 3-month pouch supply is easy to use and lasts almost as long as the can kits. The freeze dried survival food supply shown on this page have a 25 year shelf life and is packed in the fast & easy pouches for simple storage.
This unique Complete 3-month, 2000 calorie per day survival food kit is all you need to make sure you are covered for the long term three month food supply. What is different from any other kit is that it also contains 8 buckets that are for short term emergency use and still have up to a 25 year shelf life!
3 Month Pouch Survival Food Supply
Click Here For Price & Details
3 Month 2000 Calorie Per Day Food Kit
Click Here For Price & Details

Survival Foods - Survival Kit – Hurricane preparedness


Mountain House Freeze Dried Survival Foods for Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane preparedness survival kits can be used for many things, from hurricanes to power outages. Keeping survival foods on hand for emergencies protects you for the unexpected. With a Mountain House 3-month survival food kit in your food reserve, you can be ready for just about any unexpected crisis. With Mountain House products on hand and a one-burner stove (provided in each survival kit with your survival foods) or candle to heat water (cold water can be used in a pinch), you can still enjoy a hot, satisfying meal in less than 10 minutes. Having survival foods in reserve makes a lot of sense in hurricane preparedness.

Survival Foods Preparation
Our freeze-dried survival foods are easy to prepare-just add hot water...wait 10 minutes...and eat! If a heat source is not available, room temperature or cold water can be used, too. Because no cooking is needed, these foods require much less water and fuel than most fresh, frozen or dehydrated foods (further conserving these two precious commodities.) No hurricane preparedness survival kit is complete without Mountain House survival foods.

25 Year Shelf-Life
These Mountain House survival foods are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED #10 cans. Up to 98% of the residual oxygen has been removed. The unique survival foods canning process uses both vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing. It is the same process mandated by the U.S. Military for their survival foods. Our survival foods will have the longest shelf life available...up to 25 years! Mountain House has been around for 40 years so they know first hand. Each of our survival food cans is coated with a protective enamel inside and out for double protection, including the lid. The survival food cans contents are protected until you are ready to open and use them. After opening, we recommend using the survival foods within 1 to 2 weeks for best results and taste; using the convenient re-sealable plastic lid between uses. Treat any leftover survival foods as you would fresh food. No Hurricane preparedness survival kit is complete with out survival foods.

Taste the Difference!
Mountain House freeze dried foods taste superior to competitive products because they actually start with fresh or frozen foods, then cook and prepare them, and finally freeze-dry them. All the goodness, flavor, and taste are locked in just if you had hand-made them yourself from scratch. In comparison, other food companies do not freeze-dry or cook their own foods. They blend the dry components of other companies and package them. Mountain House foods tastes as close to fresh, frozen, or better, as you can get. Backpackers, for example, consistently rate Mountain House #1 year after year as the best tasting survival foods with ease of preparation. No Hurricane preparedness survival kit is complete with out survival foods.

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