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Welcome to the Survival-Warehouse.com. Now more than ever, earthquake, disaster & emergency preparedness and on hand emergency gear is a must. You'll find the best earthquake, disaster and emergency preparedness products at Survival-Warehouse.com with discount pricing and Free Shipping on most orders over $99. You and your families peace of mind is just a few clicks away. Buy survival gear, MREs, emergency essentials, animal traps, disaster survival supplies, MRE meals, and emergency survival kits for the car, office, home, and school are available. Long term food storage kits, survival food, MRE meals, freeze dried foods by Mountain House, Survival Cave, and Wise Freeze Dried Food for hiking, backpacking, & camping gear. Sanitation, first aid, Mace, survival gear, wildlife traps, radios and much more! Keep you and your family safe and secure through any type of emergency. Do not allow you or your family to be get caught un-prepared. Buy the best freeze dried survival foods by Mountain House, Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food, and Wise freeze dried foods. Buy MREs with heaters, MRE cases, survival gear, emergency essentials, Military MREs are also available with fast FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states.

Below is General Information about MRE Survival Food | Survival Kits | Backpacking Food | Long Term Food Storage | Wise Freeze Dried Foods | Survival Cave Canned Foods | MRE Meals | MREs by the Case | Emergency Essentials | Survival Gear | First Aid Kit | Katadyn Water Filter | Dehydrated Food | Camping Stove | Mace Pepper Spray

MRE (Meals ready to eat)

The first MRE meals were established during the Revolutionary War consisted of enough food to feed a man for one day, mostly beef, peas, and rice. During World War #1, canned meats were replaced with preserved meats (salted or dried). MRE’s saw their big improvement during the Vietnam War. The Military MRE added the MRE heater to warm the MRE food and this became popular with the general public.

In 1963, the Department of Defense began developing the MRE "Meal, Ready to Eat", - MREs - a military MRE meal that would rely on modern food preparation and packaging technology to create a lighter replacement for the canned Meal. In 1975, work began on a dehydrated meal stored in a plastic retort pouch (the current MRE). It went into special issue starting in 1981 and standard issue in 1986, using a limited menu of 12 MRE meals. The MRE has been in continual development since 1993. In an array of field tests and surveys, service members requested more entree options and larger serving sizes. The DOD looked at emergency essentials like storable foods as a key to winning. Fast forward to 2012 – The DOD now views Military MRE meals and freeze dried foods like the Mountain House freeze dried foods, Wise freeze dried foods, and Survival Cave canned foods.

The MRE is great for fast ready to eat survival meals. But, today options for survival food, backpacking food, emergency essentials, long term food storage items make the MRE a second option to freeze dried foods. The current emergency survival food made by Mountain House Foods are lightweight, and in foil packs that have a shelf life of 25 years. The long term food storage system by Mountain House freeze dried foods are in #10 cans, with a shelf life up to 30 years. This dehydrated food - survival food taste as good as home cooked dinner by just adding hot water and waiting 10 minutes to eat. You owe it to yourself and your family to try the best survival food on the market today. Buy Mountain House or Wise freeze dried foods and know you have the very best emergency freeze dried food at a great discount price with free shipping on orders of $100. or more.

Survival Kits

A survival kit is a package of basic survival gear and emergency essentials prepared in advance as an aid to your survival in an earthquake, emergency, or disaster. Survival-Warehouse.com offers several different survival kits & emergency essentials, First aid kits, and survival gear. We offer the 72 Hour Survival Kit | Survival Kit for your Car | Survival Kit for your Pet | First Aid Survival Kits | Search & Rescue Survival Kits and many more. Survival kits come in a variety of sizes, and can contain supplies and tools to provide a person with basic shelter against the elements, help them keep warm, meet their health and first aid needs, emergency food insurance to provide food and water, Mace pepper spray, signal to rescuers, and assist them in finding their way back to help. Civilians such as forestry workers, surveyors, or bush pilots, who work in remote locations or in regions with extreme climate conditions may also be equipped with survival gear & survival kits. Earthquake & disaster supplies are also kept on hand by those who live in areas prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. It is always best to plan ahead and have a survival food kit, first aid kit, Katadyn water filter, camping stove and water supply on hand. You should make up a first aid kit based on your family size and age range. Have enough on hand to get your family through 2-weeks at the least. Survival kits with freeze dried food give you food insurance in a disaster or earthquake for you and your family. Something else to think about. Survival-Warehouse.com has Live Animal Traps on hand to catch live animals for a back up food supply in a emergency. Humane animal traps are good to help catch loose feral cats. We also have large animal traps that fold for easy storage.

Backpacking Food

Survival-Warehouse.com provides a resource for backpacking food and associated camping food accessories for eating well while backpacking, hiking, or camping. Mountain House freeze dried food is light weight and very fast to prepare. Mountain House will keep you happily feed on the trail or in the backcountry. The intent of this website is to make available all survival gear, emergency essentials, in one place, a variety of quality Mountain House backpacking food and accessories. Mountain House packages are light weight, the food is fresh and not salty, unlike most others that I've tried. The packaging is a lightweight foil-base product that is easily packed-out subsequent to enjoying your meal. Mountain House is a serious improvement to the salty, meals in heavy packaging that I used to carry and consume while on the trail or at camp. Check out our Jetboil camping stove. It is light weight and packs small. The Sun Oven solar powered oven is the perfect camp stove for a base camp without power. The Solo Stove is compact and wood burning.

Long Term Food Storage

Mountain House freeze dried food is the #1 brand of freeze dried food and has been the choice of survivalist, backpackers, hikers, and campers for over 50 years. Freeze dried long term food storage with a 30 year shelf life! When it comes to long term food storage or food for recreational activities like camping, or hunting, Mountain House is the #1 choice. Save with our Free Shipping offer on all Mountain House orders over $99. in the lower 48 states. Buy Mountain House freeze dried long term food storage for emergency food, disaster preparedness food, survival camping gear, emergency essentials, survival gear, mountain climbing and outdoor recreation. Storable food storage for any need! Great pricing on Mountain House freeze dried storable whole food for all your long term food storage needs. 30 Year shelf life, great taste and quality! Storable emergency foods from the world's best food company - Mountain House foods! Learn how you can eat healthy and cheap! Shop and compare! Our Mountain House long term food storage units are BIGGER, BETTER and COST LESS than any of our competitors! We have consistently ranked #1 as the best supplier in the country with the best prices, best selection and best deals available! We've been doing business since 1993.

Survival Warehouse specializes in Dehydrated Food, Emergency Supply Food, Military MRE & MRE Meals and Survival Kits as well as various Freeze Dried Food and Freeze Dried Survival Food

* Free Ground Shipping on orders of $99. or more in the lower 48 States.