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LifeOne Formula

Simple illnesses and even exhaustion could have devastating effects on a survival plan. Surviving a disaster or bug out will take all the focus and energy you’ve got. Imagine trying to deal with an emergency situation with a bad flu. In addition to preparing supplies for a SHTF situation you can prepare your body. Making sure your body is in tip-top shape can give you a major leg up in a survival situation.

LifeOne Formula & The Immune System

The LifeOne Formula is an immune system booster that enhances immune system function to help your body fight viral illness. The all-natural herbal blend is proven to be effective and safe. Multiple studies have linked LifeOne with successful cancer and AIDS treatment and the formula is recommended for general well-being and preventative defense of the immune system.

The LifeOne Immune Enhancing Formula was developed bearing in mind the belief that the immune system is naturally and inherently capable of defending the body. Without a strong and optimally functioning immune system good health is nearly impossible.

The human immune system is a complexly organized defense team of antibodies and cells that recognize and destroy foreign pathogenic invaders. A healthy immune system differentiates between these dangerous invaders and the body’s own resident cells. When the immune system is healthy and functioning at peak performance it is able to effectively target and destroy these invading pathogens as well as abnormally shaped cells like those affected by cancers. When the body’s immune system is weakened or suppressed it loses its ability to effectively fight disease leaving us vulnerable to illness and ultimately death.

A disaster, emergency, or survival situation is likely to cause quite a bit of stress. Stress is another factor in how well the immune system functions. Stress affects the body’s ability to produce cortisol. The stresses we deal with on a daily basis force our adrenal glands to continually try to produce cortisol. While our adrenal glands can work hard for limited periods of time to increase cortisol production in response to stress, requiring them to constantly work at this pace results in chronic low cortisol as they become increasingly unable to keep up. Using LifeOne Formula to naturally enhance the immune system in an abnormally stressful time will help your body to deal with the increased stresses while maintaining healthy immune function.

LifeOne & Cancer Treatment

The LifeOne Formula has been shown to aid in the treatment of cancer and to be a good natural alternative to chemical treatments like chemotherapy. In a normal human body healthy cells divide to create new replacement cells for those dying off or lost. Cancerous cells are abnormal and when these cells divide they produce more and more abnormal, damaged cells that spread throughout the body – sometimes at an alarming rate. When these cells affect the organs, their function becomes compromised. The developers of LifeOne Formula saw a direct correlation between poor nutrition and contamination of our environment and the ability of our healthy immune system to maintain control over cancer cells. LifeOne is a completely natural herbal formula derived from plant compounds that bolsters our immune system and naturally blocks contaminants from reaching the organs allowing our immune systems to function as they should to ward off or control the reproduction of cancerous cells in our bodies.

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