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New Millennium

New Millennium

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New Millennium

New Millennium Energy Bars boast 400 calories in each of their great-tasting energy bars. A variety of flavors, great shelf life, and exceptional convenience make New Millennium a staple for emergency preparedness. 

New Millennium Energy Bars are made by SOS Food Lab - the same manufacturer that makes SOS Food Rations. SOS Food Lab makes survival food for military, rescue, and aid organizations around the world. Based in Florida, SOS Food Lab manufactures high-quality emergency food and water rations for use in disaster and famine relief, search and rescue missions, and emergency preparedness. SOS Food Lab emergency foods are US Coast Guard Certified and hold a number of other safety and quality certifications as well. 

New Millennium is the SOS Food Lab line of high calorie energy bars. Designed to provide a calorie boost in a small, easily portable bar that tastes good and requires no preparation, New Millennium Energy Bars are an ideal survival food item. Shelf life is always an important factor for survival food and these bars have a 5 year shelf life so they're great additions to a car or home emergency kit. What really sets New Millennium Energy Bars apart from other survival food energy bars is their taste and variety. New Millennium Bars are great tasting and come in 9 different fruit flavors. New Millennium Bars are a muct-have item if you have children who can often be picky about food. The New Millennium Energy Bars are designed to withstand harsh conditions and can tolerate extreme temperature fluctuations so they're perfect for an emergency kit that you carry with you or keep in the trunk of your car. These energy bars don't need any preparations, just unwrap and enjoy - this makes them easy to eat on-the-go or when time or cicumstances don't allow for meal preparation. New Millennium Energy Bars won't dry your mouth or make you very thirsty like some other energy bars, helping you to conserve your precious water resources. 

New Millennium Energy Bars are perfect for any emergency preparedness kit as well as for everyday use for active people. A perfect energy boost before a sports game or training session, a great school snack, or quick snack on-the-go in between meals.