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Potassium Iodide Tablets - "Radiation Protective"

iOSAT Potassium Iodide Nuclear Radiation Protective or "Thyroid Blocking" agent to be sold directly to the general public. IOSAT active ingredient, 130 mg. of potassium iodide (KI), gives complete protection from the consequence of a nuclear accident or a meltdown and release of radioactive iodine into the environment. There are 14 130mg tablets in each package. The Iosat Tablets have a FDA approved shelf life of 7 years. 


14 IOSAT tablets

Our Price $24.99

Who needs iOSAT Potassium iodide Tablets?

There are 100 +/- nuclear power plants in the America, each with one or more nuclear reactors. It is estimated that a "Chernobyl-sized" accident could spread radioiodine for hundreds of miles around each. Many people (especially in the Northeast) live within the danger radius of several nuclear power plants.

IOSAT Potassium Iodide is one of the largest suppliers of Potassium Iodide in America. IOSAT is among the first companies to receive FDA Approval for sales to nuclear facilities, the U.S. military, hospitals, state agencies, FEMA and the general population. Each sealed foil packet contains 14 – 130 mg tablets... a 2 week supply for one person. The tablets are double scored to split easily and cleanly into 65 and 32.5 child doses. They should be stored unopened in a dry environment at room temperature.

The value of potassium iodide was demonstrated after the Chernobyl accident, where the government began mass distribution (millions of tablets) of KI just hours after the explosion. In the years following the nuclear accident in areas where people received the Potassium Iodide, the incidence of thyroid cancer has not increased. But where KI was not distributed, previously rare forms of juvenile thyroid cancer have begun appearing at epidemic rates, with over 11,000 cases reported by the year 2000.

iOSAT protects against radioactive iodine by preventing its absorption by the thyroid gland. iOSAT blocks the thyroid with stable iodine. The thyroid gland then turns off its absorption mechanism, and it will remain off long enough for the radioactive iodine to disappear naturally. This method of protection is extremely safe and up to 99% of all radiation induced thyroid damage can be avoided by the use of iOSAT.

Radioactive iodine (primarily I-131) is a waste product of nuclear fission produced in reactors and bombs. The impact on human health can be staggering, and it could affect more people than all other radioactive sources combined. US Nuclear Regulatory Commission reports that a major US release could injure hundreds of thousands of people, and many believe that the government is underestimating the danger.

What makes I-131 so dangerous is that the body can't distinguish it from ordinary iodine. As a result, if it is swallowed in contaminated food or water, or inhaled it will be absorbed into the thyroid gland and will remain there long enough to slowly poison the person. It can take 20 to 30 years, but eventually it can lead to cancer, thyroid damage, growth and birth defects, or death. Children, whose thyroids are especially active, are extremely susceptible to it.

WASHINGTON, USA- The federal government will not give anti-radiation tablets to millions of people who live 10 to 20 miles from nuclear plants. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has long opposed wider distribution of potassium iodide pills. The NRC also has expressed concern that pill distribution could undermine public confidence in the safety of the nation's nuclear plants.

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