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1200 KCal Ration Bars (3 pack)

Product code#: 1200KCAL

Product Description

This 3 pack of 1200 Kcal ration bars from S.O.S Food Labs is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to ensure you and your family has access to the food you’ll need to get through a disaster or other emergency situation. Each bar was specifically formulated to provide high calorie food, packed with a variety of other essential nutrients. These bars are approved to be eaten by people of all age groups, and can be enjoyed in any scenario. They require no preparation, so you can grab them and eat them on the go.

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1200 KCal Ration Bars

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When looking for a great food that you can keep stocked away for an emergency, or grab to take with you hiking, camping, traveling or just for a good snack, the 1200 Kcal ration bars are an excellent choice. They are compact for easy carrying, and fortified with many essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. One bar can fill you up, and give you the energy you need to get through the day. They have a long 5 year shelf life without any special storage requirements, which makes them great for emergency food stockpiles. They also don’t require water, or anything else, to prepare, so they are an excellent option for all situations. The low moisture helps to ensure they don’t have any issues when in extreme temperatures, and the easy packaging makes for quick and simple opening and enjoying. Of course, they are also designed to taste great, which is an important feature overlooked by many emergency food suppliers. S.O.S. Food Labs has supplied these items to a variety of emergency workers in all sorts of situations, where they provide the minimal level of nutrition for healthy survival needed. Order these today and stock them away to ensure you and your family always has the food you need to survive any situation.

Each packet contains 3 fortified food bars providing 1200 Kcal (5,040 KJ)

Dietary Standard:
Complies with Halal and Vegetarian requirements.

Product Use:
Can be eaten as is without any preparation. For infants, elderly, or injured people,
can be mixed with liquids for drinking or mashed into a porridge.


Each packet contains 3 fortified food bars providing 1200 Kcal (5,040 KJ)

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