72 Hour Kit for Survival

Posted: 9th April 2012 by Preppers in Survival Kits & Bug Out Bags
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72 Hour Kit for Survival What to Include in your 72 Hour survival Kit!


The skies weren’t cloudy when Noah built his ark. If there is one thing that you should teach your children and yourself –it is Noah’s preparedness. As many rescue personnel would advise, it is better to be prepared and the disaster doesn’t come than be unprepared and a disaster strikes.


In times of major weather disturbances, earthquakes or any other type of disastrous event that can rid you of your home and your resources, securing yourself and your family is very important. One of the most important things you should prepare is a 72 hour survival kit.


Food and water should be included in your kit. Get granola bars, dried fruit, crackers and cereals, canned goods, canned juice, candy that doesn’t melt under extreme heat, and a gallon of water. For your canned goods, never get pop top cans because they pop after some time so it is better to get canned goods that need a can opener to open them. Include a survival knife or a can opener in your kit. A survival knife is more useful though because you might be able to make use of it apart from opening your canned food.


Bedding and clothing should be prepared as well. A change of clothing is important for each member of the family. Include shorts, long sleeved shirts, jackets, pants and socks. Undergarments shouldn’t be forgotten as well. Make sure that you also have a rain coat for each member of the family along with emergency heat blankets, cloth sheets, and plastic sheets.


You would also need fuel and light so include flashlights or lamps, extra batteries, flares, water proof matches, candles, and a lighter.


For your equipment you should bring a can opener, a pocket knife, a shovel, radio with batteries, pen and paper, an axe, duct tape and rope.


You should also prepare medication. Your first aid kit is important and it should include toilet paper with its tube removed so it is flattened easily. Put the roll of toilet paper in a zip-lock bag so it is protected from getting wet. Include sanitary napkins, toothbrush and toothpaste. Soap, shampoo, and sanitizers should also be included in your bag.

Do not include scented soap because it will transfer its “flavor” to your food items.  Bring enough medication i.e. Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and other medication you might need. If you are taking prescription drugs, bring enough that will last you 3 days or longer.

Your personal documents and your money should be placed in a waterproof container. You would need prepaid phone card, your credit card, some cash, insurance policies, vaccination papers, all legal documents and even genealogy records.


Your bag can either be a backpack or a duffel bag. A backpack is more advisable. Once you are done packing all the items, make sure you can actually lift or carry it. If you have an infant in the family, be sure to put his or her items in the bag as well.


You should update this kit every 6 months. Put a note in your planner or your calendar so that you are sure that everything that is in your bag are in good condition and are not expired. For those who have children, bring some toys because these will provide your kids some entertainment and comfort in a stressful period.




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