About The Editors

About the founders:


John grew up in a rural area in the Pacific NW, learning from his parents, and grandparents on what it takes to survive in regards to farm animals, growing food, preserving, canning, bread making, making wine and more. John grew up being taught the skills of a woodsman, survivalist “as some call it” at the young age of 11 by his father who would drop him and his friend off in the woods every spring with a hatchet, a 22 rifle and a knife.  His father said he would pick them up in a week.

Johns father never considered himself a survivalist because to him this was a natural part of life that was taught to him by his grandfather. Today, you might call this a survivalist, but back then it was a way of life, and not just what some would call mans work but also cooking, sewing, and cleaning as well. He believes every person male or female needs to know how to survive.

John learned about animals, hunting, fishing, and tanning just to name a few skills, by doing!  He has studied survival in the woods, desert, hills and plains of America and not just pioneer ways but also Indian ways as well and now at 44 years of age he has started teaching others what their grandparents should have taught them.


Carrie grew up in the country where the majority of the community were farmers.  Dairy farmers, cattle ranchers, and vegetable farmers.  Her parents and grandparents always had a large garden every year.  They raised farm animals and preserved their own food.  She learned her homestead skills from the generations before her and continues to pass these skills on to her children as well.

Being dissapointed with life in the fast lane so to speak, and mainstream society over the last nine years has come back to her roots.  She has studied and practiced naturopathic ways of healing since she was 19 years old.  She knows how to make bread from scratch, can and preserve the food they grow as well as the food they forage for.

She can prepare a chicken dinner from scratch.  From scratch means to kill the chicken, pluck the feathers, dress and skin it out, clean it and finally cook it!  Then she goes and digs potatoes from the garden, picks fresh broccoli from the garden and rounds the meal off with a bowl of fresh blueberries from the blueberry patch.

It is very satisfying to Carrie that she can grow, raise, hunt and forage for food and  know that the food she is eating is safe for her and her family.  She has become rather passionate in passing these skills onto future generations to come, in hopes that the basic art of human survival does not become lost or forgotten.


Prior to what we are doing now, John was a third generation specialty contractor.  John has studied organic chemistry and Vermicompost and Vermicult in the past for 4 years and also natural chemistry for 2 years and was the inventor of Little Bee’s Moisture Balm, Lip Balm, and Moisture Cream that was sold around the world in the year 2000-2003. This natural product was for Eczema, Dermatitis, and dry skin conditions.

Carrie previously worked as finance director  for 17 years. She managed the office of the contracting company for the last 3 years and was also marketing director for Little Bee’s.

After raising three children to adulthood, and working on the forth, we both realized over the years of being in the “Rat Race”, “Keeping Up With The Jones” that getting back to basics is what truly makes us happy. Whatever we can do to help people realize there is more to life than what they have now is our goal!


 We would rather be poor but free then rich and unhappy slaves.


Snapshots Around Our First Homestead