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  A True People Publication. Pioneer Living is a  publication for today’s creative doers. People like you the true survivalist of today!

People who want to get back to basics and work with nature. The “New” Pioneers, homesteaders,survivalists and preppers.

The ones who will do more with less, the “New Pioneers of today”.

It is our goal at “Pioneer Living” to inform as many people with solutions as possible on the

forgotten/lost art of basic human survival and self reliance.




  Articles for those of you who wish to share stories

on pioneer ways of life, homesteadingsurvivalgardeningpreparedness and simple back to basics livingHealth care is still important in our pioneer lifestyle choice. If you care to have a basic health insurance, you might want to consult a sympathetic agent to assess your insurance needs.


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Back To Basics

 Pioneer Essentials

Even if cash-poor, ranchers of the Old West coveted a rack of shiny pots and pans, preparation standards of the day didn’t allow fixing a meal with anything but the most basic cookware. 


*  Dutch Oven Cooking



*  Building an Open Fire Pit for Cooking 


*  Soap Making  Soap for good and vibrant health is a vital item in any home. 

Without soap we would not be able to have clean bodies or clean clothes.


*  Making Charcoal Why Charcoal?  The many uses of charcoal is very important to your survival.


*    How To Make Char Cloth  


*  Tanning Hides The Indians tanned hides in several ways and by different substances according to the tribe. Hides were used for clothing and blankets.



*  How to Wash on a Washboard


*  Rendering Lard While lard isn’t considered a food, it was vital to the cooking process for many years.


 *  Freeze Dried Food preparation is a critical element to surviving in the non harvestseasons. It is also advisable to purchase a minimum three months supply. Dehydrated food has a normal shelf life of up to 20 years and can be eaten in some cases for up to 40 years, of course storage and temperature play a big factor in regards to longevity. 





Time Saving Sewing Shortcuts 



          Survival Food

 *  Preparedness 

Pioneer Living’s No. 1 Investment Pick For 2009

And Still Our No. 1 Investment Pick for 2010!

Number 1 investment for 2009? Your answer should be….. ”Food”.Millions of Americans

and people around the world lost their jobs these past few years. Are you prepared if you suddenly lost your job?


 Frost Free Dates



Pioneer Recipes   Chuck-wagon Chow  With all the modern conveniences we have today it seems we have little

appreciation for our early ancestors efforts to make even the most basic foods interesting. 

Despite our capacity to bake in the world’s most advanced and well-equipped home kitchens, we

often do less than a pioneer did with just a campfire.     



*  Survival Food Storage  The storage environment, storage containers, root cellars, rotating your stored foods

are all important to ensure your family is fed year round.

*  Survival Canning and Preserving Canning 101


  Food Storage (Grains) Storing grains and preserving


 Return of the Root Cellar


 Starting an Indoor Nursery for Your Garden






         Survivalist Gardening                                                                   

 *  Gardening Basics Ok, maybe you have dreamed it but now it is time to get educated and learn a few basics of gardening, your life may depend on it.


 *  Organic Soil Prep In the fall you can relax? Wrong! Now you must prep your soil for next years garden.


*  Superfoods  Power packed nutritional food


 *  Composting Composting is the single most important item in Organic gardening. It is nature’s continuous recycling process.

*  Bug Control

                             Bug zapper’s

*  Companion Planting

*  Solutions for City Dwellers, Suburbanites



 Survival Homesteading

*  Homesteading\Stories

A City Girl with Country Dreams 




 The Right Livestock for You & Your Lifestyle 


*  Basic Survival Animals Before buying animals, learn as much as you can about them, but don’t expect to become an expert just by reading.


 Chickens and Childcare  

*  Equipment/Tools/Utensils

*  Use and Re-Use

*  Basic Survival Property Layouts

Protect Your Home and Family




“A Little Land – A Lot of Living.”  We can learn a lot from older generations.

Those who went before were just as interested then as you are now in fresh air, sunshine,

green grass and wholesome food. Ed and Carolyn Robinson were one of the few that took the

time to lay down a blueprint for making it all happen.  A Classic 1940’s Must Read!





Survivalist Foraging For Food    Food is a very important part of life that you must have to survive.

In an extreme situation you must do what ever it takes to keep you and your family alive.


Order Of Survival Priorities  


*  Beating The Cold Survival Did you ever wonder why the Indians could travel so light without freezing to death? Or why they only built a small fire?

*  Survival Shelters

*  Water Survival

Ways to Disinfect, Filter and Purify Your Water

 Free Survival Info Downloads


* Survival Food Strategy


Top 10 Survival “Myths” That ARE NOT Myths!


72 Hour Preppers Survival Kit


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