Bug-Out-Bag Essentials

Posted: 17th March 2013 by admin in Bug Out Bags
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Not every bag is the same, your needs will be different from someone else’s and the contents will vary depending on typical weather conditions in your area. Before you begin, packing there are certain things you need and some things you do not need. There is a difference between needing and wanting. One of the mistakes people make is over packing their go bags. You have to evaluate each item to make sure it is needed and it serves more than one purpose.

You do not need a single function can opener if your multi-tool has one. You must be able to carry what you have packed and having a 70-pound pack is not realistic unless you have the physical build to handle it. A large military issued Alice pack can hold up to 80 pounds so just because the pack can handle it does not mean you have to pack it. Know what you can carry for long periods, by carrying a loaded pack in various environments. Can you cross a stream with it, walk up an incline, walk down an incline and step over obstacles.

Shelter, water, fire/energy and food are life’s essentials. Shelter can be lightweight nylon tarps, or small nylon tents that can be rolled tight and strapped to the outside of your pack. Water weighs 8.5lb/3.8kg per gallon, while you need water you cannot realistically carry more than three days worth. Seventy-two hours worth of water at the recommended one gallon/four liters per day would weigh over 25 pounds. This means you also need the means to collect and purify a water source. Fire is essential to protect you from hypothermia, purify water, cook meals, and repel insects and to offer psychological comfort. You will enough food to get you to a base camp, and then you will need the tools and materials for hunting, fishing and trapping.

Start Adding Other Supplies Once You Have the Essentials Packed

It is assumed you have added three days’ supply of food and water, have several nylon tarps or a tent already in your pack.

  1. You will need a high quality fixed bladed knife. Knives can be used to build shelters, self-defense, used to dig holes, split wood, skin game and clean fish. The uses are endless, and you must have one that can take the rigors of camp life.
  2. Multi-Tool that has a file blade, can opener, wire cutters and small scissors.
  3. Quality nylon rope and it is recommended you carry 550 paracord. Paracord has seven inner strands surrounded by a braided sheath. The inner strands can be used for emergency shoelaces, sewing thread, fishing line and thread for emergency wound closure. The rope as a whole can hold up to 550 pounds. It can be used for shelter building, weaving a hammock and so on.
  4. Two stainless steel canteens
  5. Sewing kit with assorted needle sizes
  6. Coffee filters, cheesecloth for water filtration
  7. Water purification tablets
  8. Magnesium stick and a Ferro Rod for fire starting
  9. Waterproof matches/disposable lighters
  10. Cotton balls and petroleum jelly used as fire starting aids

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