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Bug Out Bags For Your Vehicles

Posted: 12th August 2013 by Michael Levanduski in automobile, Bug Out Bags

  Having a bug out bag packed and ready to go is often one of the first things a new survivalist learns.  It is a simple step which can dramatically improve the likelihood of survival in an emergency because you’ll have enough food, water, first aid equipment and other items to get you through those critical first few days of a disaster.  Keeping a bug out bag packed and ready to go in your home is essential, but what about the 8-10 hours per day you’re spending away from the house? If a disaster strikes while you’re at work, the store or any other location, it might not be safe or even possible to return to your home to get […]

Know When to Stay Put & When to Run in a Disaster

Posted: 2nd August 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Buggin In, Buggin Out

When any type of disaster strikes it is essential to quickly decide whether you will stay where you are, or attempt to flee to a safer location.  There are dozens of factors which should go into making this type of decision, and it can often mean the difference between life and death.  Taking the time to think about and prepare for different situations will not only help you to make a better decision when the time comes, but also ensure you know what to do when either decision is made. How to Decide Disasters can strike at any moment, and it is important to be able to decide whether you should stay in your home to ride it out, or […]

What Happens If

Posted: 8th July 2013 by admin in Bug Methods
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Ask yourself what happens if, and then fill in the blanks. The Middle East is in turmoil and it will have an effect on everyone in the world, it will affect the financial markets, the flow of oil and there is always the physical threat of suicide bombers and another 9/11. They are terrorists organizations possibly armed with dirty bombs and cyber terrorists are constantly probing. Do you have what it takes or do you secretly hope the government will be there to help you during a crisis.

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Many Uses for Dental Floss             By John Milandred Plain old dental floss has many uses other than cleaning teeth.  When you think about it, it actually makes sense. Because it has to fit in tight, abrasive spaces, floss is made of very strong nylon fibers. If you have ever tried to pull off a section of dental floss without the case’s built in cutter, you already can attest to its amazing strength. The waxed floss is great for knot tying. Since it is going into your mouth, floss is sterile right out of the package. With all these great qualities, it’s amazing that outdoor tool kits or survival kits don’t come with a package of floss right in them.  […]

Bug-Out-Bag Essentials

Posted: 17th March 2013 by admin in Bug Out Bags
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Not every bag is the same, your needs will be different from someone else’s and the contents will vary depending on typical weather conditions in your area. Before you begin, packing there are certain things you need and some things you do not need. There is a difference between needing and wanting. One of the mistakes people make is over packing their go bags. You have to evaluate each item to make sure it is needed and it serves more than one purpose. You do not need a single function can opener if your multi-tool has one. You must be able to carry what you have packed and having a 70-pound pack is not realistic unless you have the physical […]

How To Choose And Use A Bug Out Bag

Posted: 29th January 2013 by admin in Bug Out Bags
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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin A BOB, a go bag, a GOOD (get out of dodge), a grab bag, a bail bag – whatever you want to call it, a Bug Out Bag is a crucial component of any good survival or emergency preparedness strategy. With the recent rise in interest in preparedness as we see more and more natural and man-made disasters disrupting lives on a large scale, there’s also been an increased interest in and lots of questions about Bug Out Bags. So what is a BOB, exactly? A bug out bag refers to a prepared, portable kit of gear and supplies you’ll need to survive if a disaster or some […]

5 reasons for a bug out bus

Posted: 9th July 2012 by freedom in Bug Methods
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              #1 safety   I believe our bug out bus named “The ARK ” is the best insurance available, for you and your family, against natural disasters, economic and governmental collapse, loss of home, or a medical pandemic. It gives you the ability to flee to safety from harm’s way. It could be used for a 72 hr. escape or could even become a permanent year round home, even being able to ride out the hardest winters. Like the saying “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”. The greatest peace of all comes from being prepared. The best money was spent on the best design, for the safest bus ever made, for our […]

What About The Kids?

Posted: 8th September 2011 by Modern Day Redneck in Bug Out Bags
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With all the buzz on prepping for “IT”, most if not all the prepping/survival blogs that deal with Bug out Bags I have read only talk about the main bag or bags that will support the whole family for the 72 hour duration. My question is, what about the kids? Yes they will be covered under your main BOB when they are with you but in a worse case situation and they are at school, then what? We all think if something terrible happens tomorrow we will be able to jump in the car and go get our children and take them to safety. Being they are at school, friends house, church function or where ever they may be, jumping in […]

Kids Bug Out Bag

Posted: 4th February 2011 by Preppers in Bug Out Bags, Survival Info
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Survival for Kids   Jonathan Deleon posted in Survival Texas.Jonathan Deleon created a doc “Packing Up the Kids “. Packing Up the Kids   Jan 13th, 2011 | By Samara   We have all thought about packing up for a grab and run scenario. We get the duffel bag, the important papers, a case of bottled water and throw it all in the car. Then we load up the kids.   Oh yeah, the kids. If you have ever taken your children on a car trip for an hour or longer, you know that special considerations need to be made. If they are bored after five minutes, what will happen in an extended bug out situation? Thinking about their needs […]