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What Happens If

Posted: 8th July 2013 by admin in Bug Methods
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Ask yourself what happens if, and then fill in the blanks. The Middle East is in turmoil and it will have an effect on everyone in the world, it will affect the financial markets, the flow of oil and there is always the physical threat of suicide bombers and another 9/11. They are terrorists organizations possibly armed with dirty bombs and cyber terrorists are constantly probing. Do you have what it takes or do you secretly hope the government will be there to help you during a crisis.

5 reasons for a bug out bus

Posted: 9th July 2012 by freedom in Bug Methods
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              #1 safety   I believe our bug out bus named “The ARK ” is the best insurance available, for you and your family, against natural disasters, economic and governmental collapse, loss of home, or a medical pandemic. It gives you the ability to flee to safety from harm’s way. It could be used for a 72 hr. escape or could even become a permanent year round home, even being able to ride out the hardest winters. Like the saying “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”. The greatest peace of all comes from being prepared. The best money was spent on the best design, for the safest bus ever made, for our […]