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Currency during a Financial Collapse

Posted: 15th February 2013 by admin in Currency

It will not necessarily take a financial collapse for your money to become useless. Money may also not have any value during an extended crisis. Though hyperinflation and a collapse of the bond markets will devalue the dollar to the point it is just simply paper. Many believe this will happen sooner rather than later. Extended power outages can cause a financial upheaval as well. So many transactions are conducted by electronic means that you probably could not buy food at your local grocery store if they even had any. You would not be able to withdraw money from ATM’s, go into a bank or pump fuel because everything depends on electricity to run the computers and other machinery that […]

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The Importance of Emergency Food Supply When a disaster strikes, you will lose some of your essential facilities. You will more than likely lose electricity, hence no refrigeration and even in some cases no gas may be available. This state may last for a while depending on the extent of the damage caused so does that mean that we do not eat during those times? Of course not! This is where emergency food supply comes in. During those trying times we need strong high – energy, non – perishable, no – preparation food for short – term aid. Likewise if you require this same type of non –perishable food for long periods or even if you are just a big […]

Chickens and Childcare

Posted: 26th August 2011 by admin in food, Food Storage, Home Steading, Survival Info
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Home team: 34, Chickens 2. We knew-of-a-guy-who-knew-of-a-guy.  I think every great story ought to start that way.  This one certainly does.  The said-guy (the second one, the one who was known by the first guy) happened to have a rather large flock of chickens that were past their prime; some were still laying but at some point it is not economical to fund their retirement.  A hen can live up to 14 years old, laying 7-10 of those years, according to Carla Emery in “The Encyclopedia of Country Living”.  However, she’s at her peak production just those first few years.  So this “guy” decided it was time to cull the herd.  He would give up to 60 hens away for […]

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Dutch Oven Cooking with Food Storage   By Archie and Linda Dixon Have you ever wondered how you would cook your food storage when there is no gas or electricity for any length of time? There is a real possibility that this could happen. For instance, ice storms that take out power lines for weeks, tornadoes that do the same, earthquakes breaking natural gas and electrical lines, or a virus in the computer system of the power company. Any of these emergencies could happen to us today. Think about it. There’s not always sun to use your solar oven, the barbeque doesn’t bake bread very well, and that camp stove is going to run out of fuel if you have […]

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  BASIC ESSENTIAL UTENSILS FOR OPEN FIRE COOKING Over a century and a half ago almost all cooking in America was done over an open fire, a method of preparing food that dates back to prehistoric times when freshly killed game was roasted over campfires. As man became more civilized, the campfire was abandoned in favor of large indoor fireplaces, most of them spacious enough to roast a whole pig. Fireplace equipment evolved gradually. Spits, for example, which were originally long poles or iron bars were turned by hand. Roasting on a spit is unique to open-fire cooking and cannot be duplicated on modern stoves. Properly done spit-roasted meat develops a flavorful outside crust but remains tender and juicy inside. The […]

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The object is to have all your wood turn into coals at the same time. This gives an even fire with no flames that could burn your food or blacken your cookware. We prefer to use only cast iron for our campfire cooking as it is the most durable cookware and is almost impossible to ruin. Making sure you have all coals before cooking will yield the longest cooking time from the coals.  Preparing Your Fire Site   * Select a fire site at least 10′ from bushes or any combustibles. Be sure no tree branches are hanging over your fire site * Make a U-shaped perimeter using large rocks or green logs. If using green logs make sure you […]

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Pioneer Living’s No. 1 Investment Pick For 2009 And Still Our No. 1 Investment Pick for 2010   Number 1 investment for 2009? Your answer should be…..”Food”. Hundreds of thousands of Americans and people around the world lost their job’s these past few years. Are you prepared if you suddenly lost your job?   Are you prepared for hard economical times? Are you prepared for a possible natural disaster? Are you prepared should you get sick or hurt and unable to work? Could you feed your family if any of these things were to happen to you? These are questions everyone should be asking themselves. The majority of Americans are not prepared. They might be able to last a couple […]

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Fry bread Often thought of as a traditional Native American food, it’s been made by the tribes of the Southwest only within the last hundred years. It contains few ingredients indigenous to the lands of the Old West. Most fry bread ingredients came from the new settlers and were acquired by tribes through trading. Development of this tasty bread most likely happened as a result of need by two cultures, which found that frying bread in a skillet could save time; the result traveled well and lasted longer than other breads. You can vary this recipe by changing the size of the pieces or roll it out to ¾ inch thick, which takes longer to fry but gives the bread […]

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Revolutionize Your Survival Food Strategy by Rich Loomis ( This could save your life; this could save your loved ones. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! (p.s. — I have no financial angle to any of this.) You are about to read of a food source so unique — and so perfectly matched to the pressing needs of today’s retreaters and survivalists — that you may very well wish to immediately revise your “prepper” plans forever! This is not so much discovery of something “new” as it is simply a case of connecting-the dots in a different direction, having perhaps wider scope. In short, this exposition merely builds upon what many other stalwart explorers and writers have progressively brought to light. We could […]

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    #1 Storage Environment The ideal storage temperature is above forty and below sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Food may be stored in a higher temperature range but this higher temperatures will decrease the shelf life. Three temperatures are critical to the storage of food. First, some foods will be damaged if they are frozen. Second, above 48 Fahrenheit most insects become active. Third critical temperature is the temperature at which fats will melt about 95 Fahrenheit. In general, the lowest temp short of freezing should be used in storing most foods. The goal should be about 40 to 60 Fahrenheit and not higher than 70 F should be allowed. If your storage is kept in a garage or other area […]