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According a Pentagon assessment,withdrawal of funds by China is never going to be a threat to the nation. China holds an amount worth over $1 trillion in US debt. A recent report by Bloomberg News says that China has no more than a few options when it comes to investing a major portion of their holdings in US Treasury securities. China follows the Federal Reserve as holder of US government debt. The Department of Defense has been studying the logic behind the investments. They have been trying to know if a large sell-off is going to put China in an advantageous position in the military and political sector. The Republicans have been citing China’s debt holdings as something that points […]

Deadly Hybrid Flu Possible

Posted: 24th February 2010 by cindy in Emerging Threats, Epidemic
Comments Off on Deadly Hybrid Flu Possible   Stronger strain could develop if avian, seasonal viruses combine, scientists warn MONDAY, Feb. 22 (Health Day News) — Research in mice suggests the avian flu virus and the ordinary seasonal flu virus could combine to create a new deadly kind of flu, researchers say.   A single bit of genetic material from the seasonal virus converted the avian flu — officially known as H5N1 — into a very dangerous form,the scientists report in a study published in the Feb. 22-26 on line edition of the With the new pandemic H1N1 virus, people sort of forgot about H5N1avian influenza. But the reality is that H5N1 avian virus is still out there,” Kawaoka said. “Our data suggests that it is […]

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I have updated the page that allows you to purchase copies of The Covert Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse, and have added ePub as another reading option This book is designed to help you prepare for a disaster and if you prepare for disasters, when the Apocalypse happens you will be miles ahead of everyone else. Under no circumstance should you use any information provided for criminal activity. If the end of our civilization is upon us, then wait until it happens before you do anything possibly illegal. Given that at any point in time a natural disaster can and will occur when you least expect it, it is best to prepare now, not later. Imagine your frustration when you WERE going to prepare […]