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        Here is real simple way to install real solar lighting and avoid the cost and equipment of panels. I installed some in the Solar Bathhouse this weekend and it really made a difference.           Using only a empty coke bottle, all I did was wash it out and filled it with water. I added a cap full of bleach to keep the growth down and the water clear. I drilled a three inch hole in the roof, installed the filled bottle and siliconed the heck out of it. I also had to support the bottle on the underside for about 6 hours until the silicone dried. There you have it. One of […]

Solar Bath House

Posted: 10th November 2011 by Modern Day Redneck in Home Steading, How To, Making what you need, Modern Day Redneck, Water Storage
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I have been really busy the last couple of weeks building a Solar Bath House. When completed, the water will be pressured from the harvested rain water through a 12v on demand pump. It will then be heated in the batch water heater and delivered into the Bath House. Inside, the bathroom will have a home made composting toilet, sink and a bathtub/shower combo made from a horse trough. Light will be from solar lighting during the day and oil lamps at night. Here are some pictures of what has been built so far.         Composting toilet with saw dust bucket on the side.             Cute flower box.         […]

Chickens and Childcare

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Home team: 34, Chickens 2. We knew-of-a-guy-who-knew-of-a-guy.  I think every great story ought to start that way.  This one certainly does.  The said-guy (the second one, the one who was known by the first guy) happened to have a rather large flock of chickens that were past their prime; some were still laying but at some point it is not economical to fund their retirement.  A hen can live up to 14 years old, laying 7-10 of those years, according to Carla Emery in “The Encyclopedia of Country Living”.  However, she’s at her peak production just those first few years.  So this “guy” decided it was time to cull the herd.  He would give up to 60 hens away for […]

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National Gardening Month 1. Gardening is delicious. Homegrown produce, especially juicy tomatoes and fresh basil, are usually tastier than when store-bought. Plant what your family likes to eat and enjoy the rave reviews. 2. Gardening is good exercise. Pulling weeds, digging holes and hauling dirt burns calories comparable to brisk walking. It also challenges and tones both lower and upper body muscles. 3. Gardening is good for children. They can learn the science of seeds and plants. They can learn planning and researching skills by deciding what and where to plant, and what each plant’s water, sun and nutrition needs are. They are also motivated to eat healthier foods. This whole process teaches patience in today’s era of immediate gratification […]

Home Designs And Layout

Posted: 24th March 2011 by admin in Home Steading
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  In years gone by homesteaders designed and built their own houses, they built their homes with not only the contour of the land in mind but also the seasonal sun, wind, hills, slopes, rain were also other things to consider. The main house even if it is just a cabin is always the focal point of any site plan, and the first step in designing it is to decide where it will be located.Log Home: In the southeast a log home is well protected by trees against winter winds. To offset the hot, humid character of the region in summer. In the northwest area it is protected by with trees to the north but always facing south to maximize […]

Homesteading General Note

Posted: 23rd February 2011 by admin in Home Steading
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To The Land People are leaving the cities and moving to a life of self-sufficiency. They are buying small and large parcels (1 to 40) acres. Some can abandon city jobs, while most others commute to work, enjoying a blend of rural life. The rewards can be great with a more independence, family togetherness, lifestyle, and freedom with less stress. There is nothing better then a year-round garden and greenhouse; keeping chickens, ducks, rabbits, and fruit trees. Going back to mother nature and back to basics is true independence. Land Hints Your selection of land is very, very important to your success. Practical characteristics should out weigh esthetics, even though both are important. The first thing you need is to […]

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  On Guard – Protect Your Home and Family As a parent, it’s understandable not to want to think about the possibility of a home invasion. You don’t want to scare your children and the thought of what could happen is absolutely unbearable. Unfortunately, we live in a world where such things occur and while the FBI has recently reported a marked decline in property crimes, that doesn’t mean you don’t prepare. Ignoring a problem rarely makes it go away and the last thing you want to do is find yourself ill-prepared in the event of a home invasion – especially when there were things you could have done to prevent it. What things am I referring to? Well, I’ve […]

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Keeping burglars out of your home during the day when you’re at work and the kids are at school is one thing, keeping home invaders intent on doing you harm out of your home at night when you’re asleep is quite another. Installing a home security system will help, of course, but there are things you need to be doing as part of your evening ritual to keep things locked up nice and tight. Here’s a list of some of the things you need to do at night before you go to sleep to insure maximum security:      1.  Lock the doors. Yes, we’re starting with the obvious. However, isn’t this the one thing that you actually do forget to do […]

How to Start Your Own Commune

Posted: 24th January 2011 by admin in Home Steading, Starting a Commune
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How to Start Your Own Commune With continuing unrest in the Middle East and the economy showing no signs of improvement, the idea of living in an isolated community far away from society may sound like an ideal lifestyle right now. Some people associate communes with infamous cults and hippie communities that were becoming increasingly popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s. But believe it or not more and more people today are choosing to live in communes because they refuse to adapt to a materialistic, energy-consuming lifestyle that can be draining not only to your emotional state and wallet, but the environment as well. There are hundreds of benefits to living on a commune, such as growing and producing your […]

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  The Right Livestock for You & Your Lifestyle When one considers a pioneer lifestyle that consists of living off the land, most of us automatically picture a milk cow in the back pasture just waiting to produce us fresh milk and butter and cheese.  This is closely followed by happy and clucking chickens running around trailing a line of baby chicks, otherwise known as fuzzy little yellow balls of fluff.  But, which animals are best suited for you?  While some are more romantic than others: chicks and lambs, vs. say pigs, it’s important to base your decisions first and foremost off of your land and your capabilities for sustaining particular animals, followed secondly by your needs and wants. There’s […]