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Roman leaders used to toss gold and silver coins off their balconies and pass out bread on the streets of Rome. One reason was to keep in favor with the masses and another was to cause dependency, which is of course, how governments control their citizens. The zombies would dutifully line up for their meager pittance at the scheduled times. The authorities may or may not have shown up on time, or at all but it did not matter, after all the zombies had nothing better to do.   Rome of course burned to the ground. It consumed itself, after awhile the gold and silver was not as plentiful and the bread wagons could not keep up with the demand. […]

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You always get a blank stare and a slight shuffling of the feet. The question is obviously too hard to answer. You ask some people about their state of readiness, the “what if something happens” question. The question you thought was on everyone’s mind but apparently, the zombies do not have a clue. Zombies do however, know how to use a cell phone to call for pizza, make a haircut appointment and make a reservation at a restaurant but they cannot tell you what prepping means. A disaster to them is the lowering of the national debt and reining in entitlement spending. They gnash and pull their hair out because they know people would then be less dependent on the […]