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  The Right Livestock for You & Your Lifestyle When one considers a pioneer lifestyle that consists of living off the land, most of us automatically picture a milk cow in the back pasture just waiting to produce us fresh milk and butter and cheese.  This is closely followed by happy and clucking chickens running around trailing a line of baby chicks, otherwise known as fuzzy little yellow balls of fluff.  But, which animals are best suited for you?  While some are more romantic than others: chicks and lambs, vs. say pigs, it’s important to base your decisions first and foremost off of your land and your capabilities for sustaining particular animals, followed secondly by your needs and wants. There’s […]

Our Barnyard Friends

Posted: 24th March 2010 by admin in Animals, food, Live Stock, Survival Food Strategy

Before buying animals, learn as much as you can about them, but don’t expect to become an expert just by reading. When you get your animals you will need to also listen to them, watch them and notice their behaviors because they can tell you a lot. Note: Do not give growth-stimulating hormones and medicated feed, because this may have long-term side effects that are as yet unknown. If medicine needs to be given for some reason do not eat, or drink anything from that animal for at lest two weeks.   1. Chickens   Chickens are possible the most common animal seen on small ranches and farms.  They are easy to raise and produce large quantities of meat and eggs.  […]