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Making Your Own Deodorant Fast and Easy! Making your own deodorant is a great way to save money. Instead of paying a couple dollars for a stick of deodorant at the store, you can make your own for pennies. Just follow the directions below and watch our Video to see how. Homemade Deodorant Recipe You’ll need: • 3 Tbl Cup Coconut Oil • 1/4 Cup Baking Soda • 2 Tbl Soy Wax or Beeswax Pellets • 13/4 Cup Cornstarch • Empty Deodorant Tube

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 How to Make Your Own Laundry Soap (5 gallons for about $2.00) Making your own laundry soap can save you a lot of money!  If you bought 5 gallons worth in the store you would be paying around $100!  You could be paying more depending on the brand.  You can make 5 gallons of laundry soap for $2.00. When you buy all the ingredients for the first 5 gallons – it comes out to about $7.00 – but there is still borax & washing soda left, so all that I need to buy for the next few batches is the Fels Naptha soap (which is only .97 cents!). That makes 20 gallons for under $10! You can use essential oil […]

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Water Survival “How to get water and or purify it without a filter”  How would you feel when the water you’re going to drink may be puzzled with fleas or microbes, you can’t manage to pay for to hold back on water purification. Here are a few steps that you can pursue and and always be ready to purify water without a filter.  Steps to follow 1. Purify the vessel to be used for storing water. Make use of dish soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. After washing, submerge the vessel in a solution of 1 teaspoon of non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach making sure the whole top of the bottle comes in touch with the solution for a minimum of […]

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Making Valuable Survival Shelters How about sleeping outside in a primitive survival shelter without any tent and a sleeping bag?! May be in the rain or in extreme cold? Are you out of your mind? Many of us may find the idea foolish and a bit frightening. However, with appropriate materials and the right frame of mind you can construct a primitive survival shelter within a couple of hours and lie. Though, with each season and environment, you will have to face different challenges, there are quite a few common principles for making effective survival shelters: Location The salient aspect of making shelters is selecting an ideal location. A good location provides straightforward access to plentiful construction materials such as […]

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10 Important Items for Survival             By John Milandred A mini survival kit is a small survival kit which consists of the most essential outdoor survival tools and supplies which are the hardest to improvise or replace. A mini survival kit is intended to be carried along all the time and is usually designed to complement other survival tools carried along in a larger, separate bag. The items included in a mini survival kit are difficult if not impossible to manufacture or obtain in real world survival situations. A mini survival kit is intended to remain with you always, be appropriate to all environments, without being too large. Meeting your basic needs during a disaster or survival situation is the […]

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How to Recondition a Car Battery Have you ever considered the possibility of reconditioning the batteries you have instead of throwing them away?  You actually can recondition car batteries back to almost new condition and save yourself a lot of money compared to buying new ones. This involves a very inexpensive material called Epson Salt along with distilled water.  Not tap water or bottled water, you must use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits growing on the lead inside the battery.  Heat 16 ounces of distilled water to around 150° and dissolve approximately 8 ounces of the Epson salts in the water. Carefully dump the acid in the battery into a safe container, adding baking soda to neutralize the acid […]

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Review of the Sun Oven   All American Sun Oven® When we received our All American Sun Oven we were so excited to test it out.  There are several reasons why we wanted to add this product to our preparedness supplies. As stated on their website, SUN OVENS® can be used year round on sunny days. Even though it is called an oven, food can be baked, boiled or steamed. So other than fried foods, anything normally cooked on a stove top or in an oven can be cooked in a SUN OVEN®. Cook for free Bakes, Boils or Steams Any Kind of Food with the Power of the Sun – No Fuel Needed! This is a huge benefit for us as […]

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Cleaning Your Car Battery Terminals Many drivers experience difficulty starting their vehicles at some point or another. Sometimes, a major part is to blame, but most of the time this frustrating event is caused by buildup on the battery terminals.  Learning how to clean corroded car battery terminals will avoid unnecessary expenses and worry. Make sure your car is turned off before you start cleaning the battery terminals.  If you notice any built up corrosion on your battery terminals it is time to clean them.  You should check your battery at least every 6 months. To clean your battery terminals you will need to mix about 1 tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water.  Take an old toothbrush […]

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Hidden Inside a 12V Battery   Small electronic devices such as key less vehicle entry systems, home security systems, garage door openers, and Bluetooth headsets commonly use the 12-volt A23 dry cell-type battery. Then there are those small gadgets like laser pointers, key chain flashlights, Clocks,  MP3 Players ,Digital Voice Recorders, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol Testing Meters, watches, calculators, electronic games, digital cameras, and toys that make sounds which typically use the 1.5-volt LR932 alkaline button cells. The cost of batteries varies as much as the size, shape and voltage of the batteries themselves. When the battery in your garage door opener needs replaced, you can purchase Energizer’s A23 battery for an average cost of $2.00. Now let’s look at the […]

Preppers  9 volt Battery Hacking The most common form of nine-volt battery is commonly called the transistor battery, introduced for the early transistor radios. This is a rectangular prism shape with rounded edges and a polarized snap connector at the top. This type is commonly used in pocket radios, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors to name a few. Most nine-volt alkaline batteries are constructed of six individual 1.5V cells enclosed in a wrapper.  These cells are slightly smaller than AAAA cells but can be used in their place for some devices, even though they are 3.5 mm shorter. In an emergency survival situation you could hack a 9 volt battery to power 2 way communication devices and possibly small […]