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Solar Bathhouse Update

Posted: 16th January 2012 by Modern Day Redneck in Making what you need, Modern Day Redneck, Water Storage
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It has been a while between posts on here so I thought it would be good to give an update on the Bathhouse to those who do not follow the Modern Day Redneck Blog over at blogspot.                   The weather and work has kept me tied down for the past couple of months but finally there is now water in the bathhouse. The system is ready to go.         The composting toilet is ready to be used and the sink is finished. Yes that is a salad bowl I am using for a sink and it does drain. After the pic I did some decor work and hung the […]

Solar Bath House

Posted: 10th November 2011 by Modern Day Redneck in Home Steading, How To, Making what you need, Modern Day Redneck, Water Storage
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I have been really busy the last couple of weeks building a Solar Bath House. When completed, the water will be pressured from the harvested rain water through a 12v on demand pump. It will then be heated in the batch water heater and delivered into the Bath House. Inside, the bathroom will have a home made composting toilet, sink and a bathtub/shower combo made from a horse trough. Light will be from solar lighting during the day and oil lamps at night. Here are some pictures of what has been built so far.         Composting toilet with saw dust bucket on the side.             Cute flower box.         […]

At The Door Step

Posted: 7th September 2011 by Modern Day Redneck in Modern Day Redneck
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Right after hitting the Publish button for the FireFlies For the Soul post the other day on my blog at, my phone rang and I noticed it was the wife calling. I answered the phone the same way I always do, “Hey babe, whats up?” What came next through the ear piece was mixture of tears, panic and total chaos. The first few sentences there was no way I could make out what she was saying, but I knew from the sound of her voice it was not good. I told her to calm down and start again. This is what I got, “Fire! (huff, huff) House! (holy crap, holy crap) Neighbors house is burning! (come here puppy) I’m out […]

Mr. Survivalist

Posted: 7th September 2011 by Modern Day Redneck in Modern Day Redneck
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I was twelve years old the first time I was exposed to the word Survivalist. It took a while to get it in my head what it actually meant, but after I fully understood it I knew I had to be one. My dad had an old friend that came by every now and then and sometimes while they sat and talked I would ease-drop in their conversation. The old man would sit and tell stories and talk of his dreams about being a mountain man and surviving in the wilds. He would tell my dad about all the preparing he has done to achieve his life long goal. He described the plan right down to the smallest detail, the […]

Sunday Honey Do

Posted: 16th May 2011 by Modern Day Redneck in How To, Modern Day Redneck
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Sunday was going to be my day to do whatever I wanted but the wife had other plans. Right off the bat her honey do list was handed to me and this was on the #1 spot.             She said she needed a bigger incubator because all of ours are full and we are not meeting the chick demand. Now she has one with four trays.                   t is 17″x17″x48″ and will hold four egg turners and the bottom is the hatches. It will hatch 168 eggs a month. This puts our total chick production to right at 300 a month now. All materials were on hand […]

Living Life On The Redneck Mini Farm

Posted: 29th August 2010 by Modern Day Redneck in Modern Day Redneck, Survival Gardening
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It has been hot this summer here at the Mini Farm. So hot in fact, in spite of doing everything we could we still suffered some causalities. Four of our heavy breed Cochin chickens and one buck rabbit. I hate to loose any animal but with temperatures well over 100 degrees we could not run enough fans or deliver enough ice blocks to make a difference. With these losses in the back of our  minds the plan for next summer is to try and develop cool shaded areas with misters plus the fans.   The heat was not the only thing this summer adding to the losses. I guess I opened a Walmart for snakes out here. So far we […]

A Little Progress

Posted: 20th May 2010 by Modern Day Redneck in Modern Day Redneck
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It has been a rough and rocky start with the mini farm, but progress has been made. This little piece of land was once a bare cotton field. Now it is becoming a little farm with all the animals to go with it. Since it is a small two acres, every spot has to have a meaning and a purpose. Everything I am growing or building can be used in two to three different ways and most of the time creating a circle back to it’s self so no waste is involved.     I finished the barn this month and started to house it with chickens.                     It is 1/16 […]

Little House of Dreams

Posted: 29th January 2010 by Modern Day Redneck in Modern Day Redneck
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                    I was around ten years old when I nailed on the first board which was the beginning of my new tree house. It was not till years later that I learned the value of such a simple pile of old scrap lumber stuck up in a tree. Like most farm boys I was never able to have the childhood all my city friends had. I was never able to simply just hang out at a friends house, never able to go on long luxurious vacations or even spend all day just being bored. No sick days, no excuses, the chores had to be done. For my siblings and I, the […]

Old Barn

Posted: 15th January 2010 by Modern Day Redneck in Modern Day Redneck
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          This old barn sits by the road right in the middle of town. I have passed it a hundred times and always wondered about the sights it has seen and the stories it could tell. Many years ago I was on the way home from work one day and saw a feeble old man parked and standing by the road with a lost look on his face. I stopped and asked if he needed anything or if I could help. He said he was looking for something and described this old barn and was wondering where it was. He could have swore it was right where he was standing. Instead of trying to give the […]