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Post-Disaster Cleanup

Posted: 14th August 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Misc., Survival Info
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When disasters strike it is essential to be able to survive the event, but once the immediate danger is over, there is often a huge mess left behind.  This is especially true with natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and other storms.  After the initial shock of having gone through this type of event, make sure you know how to properly address the post-disaster cleanup so you don’t run into further problems in the days and weeks after the disaster. The following guide will help identify what types of things need to be done first, which ones can wait a little while, and how to stay safe throughout the process. First Things First – Eliminating Hazards Immediately after the […]

Safeguard yourself and your home .

Posted: 23rd May 2013 by admin in Family Survival, Misc.
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Safeguard yourself and your home . Home invasion has become an alarming movement in present crime. This style of molest can be succeeded by a single person, but the criminals usually come in teams for such an event. They make polite knock at the door, at times using a helpless look or camouflaged trick. They try to give a reason for the person in the house to unbolt the door, and then hasten the inhabitant to compel entry into the house. The intruders use the front door of the house to get entry. There are some strategies for mitigating this sort of menace.   Glance through a keyhole or a window before opening a door to verify who is there. […]

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 How to Make Your Own Laundry Soap (5 gallons for about $2.00) Making your own laundry soap can save you a lot of money!  If you bought 5 gallons worth in the store you would be paying around $100!  You could be paying more depending on the brand.  You can make 5 gallons of laundry soap for $2.00. When you buy all the ingredients for the first 5 gallons – it comes out to about $7.00 – but there is still borax & washing soda left, so all that I need to buy for the next few batches is the Fels Naptha soap (which is only .97 cents!). That makes 20 gallons for under $10! You can use essential oil […]

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How To make Cheese overnight by If you are a cheese lover like me you will love this recipe.  You only need three ingredients; Milk, salt, and lime juice or vinegar.  That’s right you don’t need rennet, tartaric acid, calcium chloride, etc. to make cheese. This is what you will need: One gallon of Whole Milk (You can use pasteurized or raw milk but not ultra-pasteurized) 1/2 cup of Lime Juice (about 4 limes) or 1/4 cup of White Vinegar Salt non-aluminum pot Strainer or Colander Cheesecloth Candy Thermometer (optional) Directions:  Place the gallon of milk in a large, non-aluminum pot. Bring the pot to a medium-low heat for about 10 minutes or until it looks like it’s about […]

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How to survive during A fire in Your home A huge number of people all over the world lose their lives in house fires every year than in all natural disasters collective. A devastating number of fires occur in the home. There are many tested ways to prevent and survive a fire. It’s not a matter of chance. It’s a subject of planning in advance. Have one or more working Smoke Alarm Remember to buy a smoke alarm. It offers low-priced defense for you and your family. Install a smoke alarm at every point of your home. With a working smoke alarm,  you can double your chances of survival. Also test it on a monthly basis and keep it free […]

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How to Recondition a Car Battery Have you ever considered the possibility of reconditioning the batteries you have instead of throwing them away?  You actually can recondition car batteries back to almost new condition and save yourself a lot of money compared to buying new ones. This involves a very inexpensive material called Epson Salt along with distilled water.  Not tap water or bottled water, you must use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits growing on the lead inside the battery.  Heat 16 ounces of distilled water to around 150° and dissolve approximately 8 ounces of the Epson salts in the water. Carefully dump the acid in the battery into a safe container, adding baking soda to neutralize the acid […]

Preppers  9 volt Battery Hacking The most common form of nine-volt battery is commonly called the transistor battery, introduced for the early transistor radios. This is a rectangular prism shape with rounded edges and a polarized snap connector at the top. This type is commonly used in pocket radios, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors to name a few. Most nine-volt alkaline batteries are constructed of six individual 1.5V cells enclosed in a wrapper.  These cells are slightly smaller than AAAA cells but can be used in their place for some devices, even though they are 3.5 mm shorter. In an emergency survival situation you could hack a 9 volt battery to power 2 way communication devices and possibly small […]

A Time of Blessings

Posted: 14th October 2011 by Genevieve in Misc.
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Samhain it means “Summer’s End”.  It was in a time before ghost and goblins or even saints day.  It was simply a celebration of the seasons  coming and passing.  Samhain or summer’s end was a time when you brought in the last of your harvest.  Took inventory of your livestock deciding what would make it through the winter and what would sustain you through.  It must have been a very solemn time. I understand and enjoy the changes of the seasons.  It gives me time to reflect on myself.  I find myself grateful that we do not live in times where what we eat is dependent on what we grow or kill.  It doesn’t matter how much I watered at […]

The Elders

Posted: 11th July 2011 by Rev.Robert in Misc.
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I have researched different long term survival groups, visiting, observing, collecting information, listening to their bragging about their equipment, gadgets, firearms, food an so forth, I find that 90% of the preppers are trying to hold on to modern technology, for a short term blackout that will suffice,,, however from the doom an gloom predictions running rampant most every where, one would surmise that what may come will be a change of drastic proportion,,,  The point I am trying to make is that the so called modern gadgets will slowly wear out.. in the very long term,, with no way of repairing or replacing,, those dependent items will be no better that a rock,,, your generator will use all fuel […]

New show Back Woods-Funny Bone

Posted: 24th February 2011 by Preppers in Misc.
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        Back Woods-Funny Bone News, Sports & Music 10:00-11:00pm central The lighter side of life giving you a break from all the nonsense that surrounds us. Wacky news stories, sports some good advice and good knee slapping music you’ve probably never heard. Does your chewing gum lose it’s flavor on the bed post overnight. Keep it fresh here.