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7 Night Hiking Tips

Posted: 4th October 2012 by Preppers in Survival Fitness, Survival Info
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7 Night Hiking Tips Some people love to hike during the day. In fact, most people choose to start their day with a few minutes hike around their neighborhood. However, for some reason there are those who find it hard to go hiking in the morning. But, hiking is a very good weight-bearing exercise that many people would not want to miss. If you really cannot make it during day time, hiking at night is definitely another good option that you can take. Read further to know some helpful tips on hiking at night:   Get to know the place.   The most common mistake that many people make when hiking at night is that they always think that they […]

Online Survival Course

Posted: 26th August 2010 by milandred in Survival Fitness
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Comments Off on Online Survival Course Here, you’ll find a broad range of information and resources that cover the spectrum of survivalist scenarios all in one place. You won’t find a wealth of information like this anywhere on the Internet or in any book. While some others do a good job of providing accurate information, they tend to focus on only one or two areas of interest. For example; Some specialize in emergency wilderness survival, while others cover sustainable living. Some focus on urban survival, while others deal mostly with disasters, etc. It would be exhausting and time-consuming to wade through the internet and try to locate and research all the vital information that you need in order to handle any situation. Even then, you […]