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Signaling For Help

Posted: 18th August 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Fire, Survival Info
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Signaling for Help If you’ve been trapped or stranded somewhere and are unable to call for help, it is important to be able to make a signal of some sort.  In these types of situations, simply being able to draw the attention of anyone in the area could mean the difference between life and death.  Depending on where you are and why you need help, there are many different ways you can attract attention, and get help.  The following are some scenarios you might find yourself in, and how to best signal for assistance. Stranded Alone Whether you’re alone on an island after a ship-wreck or you’ve gotten lost out in the woods, being stranded by yourself is a frightening […]

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 Starting camp fires using magnesium fire starters and others by   Making Fire was one of the most important tasks undertaken on practically a daily basis by Native American Indians, especially if the tribe that they belonged to live a nomadic lifestyle. One of the first things to be done when setting up a new camp was to build a campfire. The campfire had many purposes and making fire ensured that the Indian camp would have heat for warmth and cooking but it also provided light and served to frighten animals and bad spirits. Fire was also used as a warning signal, similar to smoke signals. Native American Methods of Making Fire There were no matches and it was […]

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Once you have constructed your bow drill set and have gone through the initial fine-tuning steps, it is time to get comfortable with it. As with any new skill, it will take some time to figure out how to make it work best for you. Starting a fire with a bow drill is certainly possible, but it is not without a lot of trial and error. Don’t give up! Keep working at this primitive, but oh so important skill. It is a key part of survival training. Read on to learn some more tricks and tips about making your bow drill work for you. Remember, these are things other folks have learned through their own experiences. You will hopefully be […]

There is no set in stone way to starting a fire with a bow drill. There are extensive videos on the internet showcasing the art of starting a fire with a bow drill, but quite frankly, they could make a person crazy. Any skill requires a lot of practice. It is highly unlikely anybody is going to pick up their new tools and walk right out and start a fire. Your bow drill tool set is going to need a little fine tuning. You won’t find those tips in any of those videos. Mainly, because there are so many little things you can do to make your particular set a little better for you. Basically, to each their own. What […]

Primitive skills that our ancestors used to survive, are often viewed as antiquated and rather useless with all of today’s technology and advancements in survival gear. Today, we buy sharp tools rather than relying on flint knapping. Fires are started with matches or lighters. Animal hides are either bought at a store or taken to a professional to handle. While modern convenience is nice, it is also beneficial to learn these old ways. It is actually rewarding to work with one’s hands and really get back to basics. It allows you to experience the same things your ancestors did and really connect on another level. Today’s survivalist experts like to teach some of those primitive skills simply for a lesson […]