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How To: Make Water in a Desert

Posted: 14th February 2014 by Michael Levanduski in How To, Water Survival
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If you ever find yourself stranded in a desert it is absolutely essential that you find a source of water as quickly as possible.  The hot dry temperatures during the day can cause you to become severally dehydrated quite quickly.  Unless you are confident that you can find help quite quickly, it is best to find water and shade during the day, and attempt to travel at night when the temperatures are much cooler.  If you have the right equipment, getting water from the desert isn’t nearly as difficult as many people imagine. The first method is a pit style solar still, which harnesses the power of the sun to pull water out of the ground and plants for you […]

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The winter months can be brutal, but they can also be a lot of fun.  If you live anywhere near a pond or a lake, you have undoubtedly enjoyed ice fishing, ice skating, or any other activity on the frozen water.  While thick is strong enough to hold a lot of weight, it is also easy to misjudge the strength, resulting in falling through to the cold waters below.   The water under a frozen lake can be absolutely frigid, and will sap the heat from your body in seconds, so you need to act fast.   If you know how to respond, however, you can get yourself to safety. Be Prepared Anytime you’re going out on the ice for any reason […]

How To: Find Water in the Wild

Posted: 9th January 2014 by Michael Levanduski in How To, Water Storage, Water Survival
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Whether you get lost while on a nature hike, or you’re forced to go out into the wild because of a disaster or other emergency situation, you’ll want to know how to get your hands (or mouth) on some water.  Water is far more important than food, or even shelter in most cases.  In order to stay healthy, humans need at least two quarts of water per day.  If you’re out in the wild, you may need quite a bit more than that due to exposure to heat, cold or lots of strenuous activity. Having the ability to find water in the wild is an excellent survival skill that may save your life someday.  The exact techniques used to find […]

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When it comes to prepping, one of the many important things to think about is how you’ll get the hot water you need.  Hot water is used for cooking, cleaning, bathing and many other important things we do every day.  In the event of a total loss of power and/or gas, most people would be without a good way to get the hot water they need.  It is possible to set up solar water heaters, or use generators, but those are often expensive and inefficient.  Heating the water in a pot over an open fire is also a slow and inefficient process.  The following guide will show you how you can make virtually unlimited hot water for a minimal investment. […]

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When it comes to prepping there are many different potential threats that we need to be ready for.  Everything from civil unrest to medical pandemics and even foreign invasion.  While it is certainly smart to be ready for these types of things, the most likely disaster will be weather related.  Almost all parts of the world experience some type of severe weather including hurricanes, tornados, severe snow or ice storms, floods and many others. Preparing for weather emergencies will be different for everyone, depending on what types of weather is most common in the area.  No matter what the threat, however, there are certain things that everyone has in common.  Food, water and shelter are three of the necessities people […]

The Many Survival Uses of Bleach

Posted: 13th October 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Emergency Must Haves, Water Storage, Water Survival
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The vast majority of households have a bottle or two of bleach to help with a wide range of cleaning activities.  It is excellent for washing white clothes in to keep them looking nice and clean. You can use it to clean tile floors, white kitchen appliances, make your bathroom sink and toilet look like new again and much more.  Bleach can also be used for a wide range of other things as well, many of which will come in quite handy in emergency situations and long term survival. The following are some of the many great uses for bleach.  If you don’t already have a gallon or two of this great product, make sure you pick some up the […]

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Water Survival “How to get water and or purify it without a filter”  How would you feel when the water you’re going to drink may be puzzled with fleas or microbes, you can’t manage to pay for to hold back on water purification. Here are a few steps that you can pursue and and always be ready to purify water without a filter.  Steps to follow 1. Purify the vessel to be used for storing water. Make use of dish soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. After washing, submerge the vessel in a solution of 1 teaspoon of non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach making sure the whole top of the bottle comes in touch with the solution for a minimum of […]

Purifying Water During an Emergency   The treatments described below work only in situations where the water is unsafe because of the presence of bacteria or viruses. If you suspect the water is unsafe because of chemicals, oils, poisonous substances, sewage or other contaminants, do not use the water for drinking. Storing water safely Store one gallon of water per person per day. Store at least a three-day supply of water per person. Collect the water from a safe supply. Thoroughly washed plastic containers such as soft drink bottles are best. You can also purchase food-grade plastic buckets or drums. Seal water containers tightly, label with date, and store in a cool, dark place. Replace water every six months. Never […]

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The average human requires two quarts/liters of water daily just for hydration. During the course of a normal day, you will be hydrated from coffee, juices, teas, sodas and even certain foods, so you may not realize what it actually takes to keep your body hydrated. Once you find yourself lost or stranded water becomes critical to your survival. If the weather is hot, you may need up to one gallon/four liters daily just to replace lost fluids in a survival situation. Dehydration is fatal if not treated by consuming water. Once your body has lost 15 percent of its fluids, organs will begin to fail and this can happen in less than 72 hours if you are sweating heavily, […]

Posted by Devin Peterson on 2/7/2012 to Water and Hydration Disinfecting and purifying your drinking water in a survival situation is extremely important. Below we have outlined a variety of techniques you can apply when you have come across non potable water and must hydrate yourself with no other options. It does not matter whether your source of water is a river, a pond, a puddle, morning dew, rain, ice, snow or whatever the case may be, you may run a great risk by not purifying and sanitizing the water before you drink. The difference between purification, filtration, and disinfection. Disinfecting your water means to kill or inactivate harmful pathogens that are biological in nature, such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. Filtration means […]