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When it comes to prepping there are many different potential threats that we need to be ready for.  Everything from civil unrest to medical pandemics and even foreign invasion.  While it is certainly smart to be ready for these types of things, the most likely disaster will be weather related.  Almost all parts of the world experience some type of severe weather including hurricanes, tornados, severe snow or ice storms, floods and many others. Preparing for weather emergencies will be different for everyone, depending on what types of weather is most common in the area.  No matter what the threat, however, there are certain things that everyone has in common.  Food, water and shelter are three of the necessities people […]

Will the Government Be There for You?

Posted: 5th December 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Politcis / Government, Weather
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Whether it is hurricane season, tornados, severe winter storms, or a man-made disaster, being prepared is essential for survival.  These types of emergencies normally only last a few days or a week at the most, but if you aren’t ready, it can be extremely dangerous during that time.  Sadly, many people believe that government agencies like FEMA, the National Guard or even their local police and fire departments will be there to help them when these types of problems come up. The government may do the best they can in these situations, but if the past has taught us anything, it is that they are unable (or unwilling) to provide the necessary protection, supplies and rescue efforts during emergencies.  It […]

Preparing for Tornados

Posted: 27th September 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Weather
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Tornados are one of Mother Nature’s most devastating events.  While they may not last as long as hurricanes, the winds can be quite a bit more powerful.  The most powerful hurricanes have wind speed of around 156 miles per hour, for a category 5.  Tornados, on the other hand, have been measured at up to 316 miles per hour.  A category 5 hurricane has wind speeds that are the same as a strong category 2 tornado, which illustrates the immense power of tornados. What makes tornados even more dangerous is the fact that you don’t have much warning that they are occurring.   They are accompanied by strong storms, but whether or not an actual tornado with high wind speeds […]

by Jeff Mann When things go wrong (aka: SHTF) the grocery stores will be cleaned out within a day or two. I remember after Charley Hit Florida in 2004, I went to the local grocery store once they re-opened. Within two days nothing was left on the shelves. It was not mobs busting glass and taking everything. It was people like you and me panic buying. They were buying anything they could eat or use, and as much as they could afford or carry. The power was off in my area for 12 days. I live in a small town and everyone has guns. We did not have any theft problems anywhere in our area. Most refrigerators were long empty before […]

How to Avoid a Lightning Strike

Posted: 24th August 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Weather
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When people are talking about remote odds for things like dying from a shark attack, winning the lottery or other remote possibilities, they often compare it to the chances of getting struck by lightning.  While it is certainly rare, 58 people are killed from lightning on average each year in the US, and another 300 injured.  This number would be much higher if it weren’t for the fact that most people are able to retreat to their homes or other buildings when a lightning storm rolls in.  What happens if you’re out camping or hiking in an area where there isn’t any shelter nearby? Learning how to survive a lightning strike is absolutely essential for any survivalist.  The following tips […]

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Preparing for a Tornado Spending inordinate amounts of time recreational preparing for a violent, rotating funnel of wind is probably not anyone’s idea of a great time. The reality for residents of large swaths of the United States, however, is such that preparing for a tornado is a critical thing to do at some point. Since tornadoes have entire seasons devoted to them and have a penchant for exercising mass destruction upon unsuspecting towns, adequately preparing for them should be a top priority. Tornado winds can reach excesses of 300 mph and leave a path of destruction one mile across and fifty miles long. Also considering that the length of a storm varies by the strength of the funnel cloud […]

Beating the Cold

Posted: 24th September 2010 by admin in Survival Info, Weather, Wilderness Survival
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Beating the Cold     This is true Indian Style. Did you ever wonder why the Indians could travel so light without freezing to death? Or why they only built a small fire? A small fire was built so they would not attract nor be seen by others, this was for safety and also for another reason. They would only need a small amount of coals from the fire to stay warm. They would take and dig a small trench about 10 inches deep. Then they would take the coals out of the fire, spread them in the trench, and cover them up with dirt or sand depending on the terrain. They would now spread their canvas or blanket over […]

Deadly Hybrid Flu Possible

Posted: 24th February 2010 by cindy in Emerging Threats, Epidemic
Comments Off on Deadly Hybrid Flu Possible   Stronger strain could develop if avian, seasonal viruses combine, scientists warn MONDAY, Feb. 22 (Health Day News) — Research in mice suggests the avian flu virus and the ordinary seasonal flu virus could combine to create a new deadly kind of flu, researchers say.   A single bit of genetic material from the seasonal virus converted the avian flu — officially known as H5N1 — into a very dangerous form,the scientists report in a study published in the Feb. 22-26 on line edition of the With the new pandemic H1N1 virus, people sort of forgot about H5N1avian influenza. But the reality is that H5N1 avian virus is still out there,” Kawaoka said. “Our data suggests that it is […]

US Zone Map

Posted: 23rd January 2010 by admin in Survival Gardening, Survival Info, Weather
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Below is a US Zone map showing the Average Dates of Last Spring Frost for the zone where you live. Keep in mind this is only an estimate of the approximate dates for your zone. Last frost date Most planting directions are based on the average last frost date. The last frost date for an area is the last day in the spring that you might have a killing frost. When making your plant selections, it is wise to consult more experienced gardening friends for advice regarding your local conditions. Their knowledge can be invaluable. U.S. Frost Dates by City and State (in Alphabetical Order) These are common frost free dates that vary somewhat within each region depending upon the local terrain and […]