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dorm room survivalWhen sending your kids off to college, there are many different things you’ll need to worry about.  While some of them are unavoidable, it is possible to make sure your kids are as safe as possible by ensuring they have everything they need in the event of an emergency.  If disaster strikes when you’re kids are away, make sure they are as safe as possible by sending them with everything they will need to survive any situation.

What will they need?

Just like preparing for a disaster at home, you’ll want to make sure your kids have food, water, shelter and other items necessary to get through a disaster.  Whether you send them with items from your own disaster prep stockpile, or you purchase a custom dorm room survival kit, you’ll sleep much better knowing that they are prepared for any situation.

The following are some important things that every student should have in their dorm room:

  • Emergency Food – Having enough emergency food on hand to last at least a few days is essential.  This should be food that can last a long time without need of refrigeration.  Whether freeze dried food, or energy bars make sure your kids know that this food is only for emergencies (and Friday night parties don’t count as emergencies!).
  • Lights – When the lights go out, it is important to have an alternative source.  Flashlights, candles and glow sticks all make for great emergency lighting options.
  • Protection – Protection during emergencies is extremely important.  Keeping mace or other items in the dorm room will help ensure your children are able to protect themselves.
  • Water – If the water supply is unavailable or contaminated, your kids need to be able to purify their own water.  Sending them with water purification tablets, or a filtration system, will help ensure they aren’t exposed to any unhealthy contaminants in their water supply.
  • Signal for Help – In many types of disasters it will be important to be able to signal for help.  Using signal flairs or emergency signal mirrors is a great way for kids to get the help they need.
  • Heat – Packing emergency blankets and matches or a lighter to make a fire will help ensure your kids can stay warm no matter what.
  • Other – There are a variety of other items that your kids may need in the event of an emergency.  Depending on the area they are attending school in, make sure they have all the survival equipment they will need.

When packing up their emergency survival items, make sure it is in something that they can quickly grab and go.  If they have to evacuate the dorm, they should be able to grab their emergency dorm room ‘bug out bag’ and get to safety.  Storing everything in a large duffel bag, for example, will make it simple to run with, and it won’t look out of the ordinary on a college campus.

Just like all types of prepping, nobody wants their children to go through any sort of disaster while they are away at school.  When the unthinkable happens, however, make sure your kids have everything they need to survive until you can get to them.

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