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The Importance of Emergency Food Supply

When a disaster strikes, you will lose some of your essential facilities. You will more than likely lose electricity, hence no refrigeration and even in some cases no gas may be available. This state may last for a while depending on the extent of the damage caused so does that mean that we do not eat during those times? Of course not! This is where emergency food supply comes in.

During those trying times we need strong high – energy, non – perishable, no – preparation food for short – term aid. Likewise if
you require this same type of non –perishable food for long periods or even if you are just a big eater then you may need to store a much larger supply of emergency foods.

You may realize that emergency food supply has in itself many advantages. The fact that the emergency food is non – perishable is a major advantage which removes a bit of stress off you in this extremely stressful period.

Due to the fact that refrigeration and electricity is missing in action in these times than you definitely need foods that will not spoil easily and will last throughout the disaster and at times even after the disaster has ended.

Another advantage is that the emergency food supply is easily accessible and easily prepared as they are often canned or light foods. Unlike poultry that may take you hours to prepare causing you to use up the little gas that you need to last you until the effects of the disaster has completely cleared.

This is also a huge plus for the instances that you are caught in or after the disaster without gas or means to cook as most of the foods in the emergency food supply can be eaten without being cooked.

Another major advantage of emergency food is that is very nutritional and there are also many varieties of foods to fit all your specific lifestyle. Emergency food aims to provide exceptional taste, long shelf life, minimal preparation, high calories. It is geared to fulfill all your nutritional need
during this stressful time while keeping into consideration all bodily changes you will endure during a disaster.

If you find yourself losing a few pounds, don’t panic as weight – loss is common during
emergencies as you tend to burn a lot of calories from stress, lack of sleep and the added activities you will find yourself doing. So try not to worry about the weight loss rather focus on properly storing and
eating your emergency food supply and also ensure that your water is intact and properly stored.

Emergency food is serious business and with all its advantages you must also remember that it is vital to your survival during your emergency and as such you need to get your supply from a company that knows how to properly store and supply emergency foods.

Please don’t forget your survival seeds!

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