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Hidden Inside a 12V Battery


Small electronic devices such as key less vehicle entry systems, home security systems, garage door openers, and Bluetooth headsets commonly use the 12-volt A23 dry cell-type battery.

Then there are those small gadgets like laser pointers, key chain flashlights, Clocks,  MP3 Players ,Digital Voice Recorders, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol Testing Meters, watches, calculators, electronic games, digital cameras, and toys that make sounds which typically use the 1.5-volt LR932 alkaline button cells.

The cost of batteries varies as much as the size, shape and voltage of the batteries themselves. When the battery in your garage door opener needs replaced, you can purchase Energizer’s A23 battery for an average cost of $2.00. Now let’s look at the cost of the LR932 batteries which have an average cost of $5.00 each!

Each A23 battery is constructed of eight individual LR932 alkaline button cells. Using a small screwdriver you can peel away the outer housing of the A23 (there’s a split in the label/housing) revealing a piece of paper. Inside that paper you’ll find a stack of eight 1.5-volt LR932 button cells which may be separated and used individually. That’s a $40 value inside each A23 battery.

Hacking an A23 battery cannot only save you money but can be useful in an emergency situation.

Note: This is an easy hack that takes less than a minute to do. While most online descriptions caution that you must use the Energizer brand A23 12-volt battery. However, some people have claimed that Duracell’s MN 21/23 12-volt battery also contains 8 individual 1.5-volt LR932 alkaline button cells.


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