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How To Be Prepared During Hard Economic Times


Preparation for hard economic times requires that three needs be met: food, shelter and water.  Ensuring these survival supplies are in place will ease the stress of living in a very turbulent time.

Food can be easily bought and stored now. The local grocery store can provide all the food necessary. Each person in the household must be allotted a 30-day supply of food.

Food stores sell complete meals, such as turkey, stuffing and potatoes, which can be easily stored without refrigeration. Cans of fruit, nuts, vegetables and meat can round out necessary food supplies. Remember, though, that freezing and thawing will ruin cans of food packed in liquid.

Don’t buy packaged food. Packaged food can go stale, and bugs can easily get inside and ruin the food. If pets are in the household, they will also need a supply of food.

Survival foods, such as MREs, can be bought by the case at military surplus stores or at internet companies that specialize in long-term food storage.

These food storage companies bundle food staples in measured amounts that are adequate to meet a family’s needs, ranging from one week to a year or more. All of a person’s nutritional and dietary needs can be met. These bundles of food can be substantial and may require a large storage place in the home, such as a pantry or spare room.

Heritage seeds for gardening are another item to consider. Fresh and healthy food can be grown in a small backyard garden. Choose seeds appropriate to the local growing conditions. If possible, don’t use hybrid seeds. The heritage seeds can be saved from crops grown and planted the next year. A heritage seed will give the gardener a faithfully similar product that the seed came from. A hybrid seed will not.

Clean water is a must. Storing a large quantity of water is difficult. Food-quality storage containers must be used. Once filled with water, these containers can weigh hundreds of pounds and be nearly impossible to move. In addition, these containers can become contaminated and ruin a water supply.

A better solution is to buy a water purification device. They come in different sizes and purify water in assorted ways. A common water purification device with replaceable filters can supply 200 gallons of water. Other systems use chemicals to kill bacteria and make water potable. Some water purification systems rely on a screening system to strain out bacteria and pollutants.

Different systems will require the replacement of filters or screens after a recommended time or use. A supply of filters or screens will keep the water supply clean and drinkable.

Finally, for shelter, every person will need blankets and warm clothing. These should be packed in plastic bags and sealed in a waterproof container. A box of candles will provide warmth and light.

Author Bio: John Thompson is an employee of Safe Castle, a Minnesota-based leader in supplying invaluable resources (survival gear, freeze dried foods, knowledge etc.) for the preparedness industry. Safe Castle is also an active member within the preparedness community.

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