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gas maskBuying a military grade gas mask is easier than ever today, with surplus stores in most towns, and the internet offering them at affordable prices.  If you haven’t purchased on yet, or you can’t justify the costs right now, you can always provide yourself and your family with some level of protection by making your own homemade gas mask.

The instructions for building your own gas mask are simple, and require common household items, or items that you can get from virtually anywhere without spending more than a few dollars.  Keep in mind, however, that these gas masks aren’t going to filter out all the potential toxins you may be exposed to, and they are only going to work if you are able to make them air tight.  At best, you can expect these masks to help you to breathe easier while you evacuate a contaminated area.

What You’ll Need

In order to construct a simple homemade gas mask, you’ll need the following items:

  • One swimming cap
  • Tape
  • See-Through Celluloid Box (often found in women’s makeup powder boxes)
  • Wire Mesh (an old fly swatter, or window screen)
  • Charcoal
  • Soda Lime
  • Several handkerchiefs
  • Rubber bands or elastic
  • 1’’+ tubing
  • 1 small coffee Can

Constructing Your Gas Mask

Follow these simple step by step instructions to create your temporary gas mask.  Keep in mind, it is essential to keep the mask as air tight as possible, so cut all holes as small as you can while still fitting everything together.

Assembling the Mask:

  1. Fit the swimming cap over your face.
  2. Mark the swimming cap where your eyes and mouth are located
  3. Remove the cap, and cut out small holes where the eyes and mouth pieces will go
  4. In the eye holes, fit in the see-through celluloid boxes.  Tape the edges securely.
  5. Insert the 1’’+ tubing slightly through the mouth hole, and secure it with tape.  You should be able to fit the tube into your mouth while wearing the mask.

Creating the Filter Canister

  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the coffee can large enough for the tubing to fit in.   Secure the tubing just inside the can and tape the edges to prevent any air from coming in through the sides.
  2. Inside the coffee can, make several layers with handkerchiefs, charcoal and soda lime.  The thicker the layers, the better, but make sure you can suck air through it as well.
  3. Place the wire mesh across the top of the coffee can, and tape it securely in place.  This is where the contaminated air will enter the filter.

Using the Gas Mask

When you need to use the gas mask, simply place the swimming cap on, and put the tube into your mouth.  Begin breathing in through the tube, and out around the edges as much as possible.  The air you breathe in will be sucked through the filter canister, removing many contaminates.  Evacuate the contaminated area as quickly as possible, and find a source of fresh air.

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