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brown_recluse3Hello, I have discovered a remedy for brown recluse bites. I work as a paramedic and when I told the ER staff about this, they scoffed. Well let them. This WORKS! My husband had a recluse bite on his back.

There is no mistaking their bite. Black, necrosed tissue in the center with reddened painful area around the bite. The so called “bulls eye” appearance. My husband uses aspirin as a cure all. He smashed the pill and adds just enough water to make a thick paste then applies it.

This method had seemed to slow down the damage, but had not cured it. We were camping and I only had Tylenol (acetaminophen), so I did the same with the pills. I smashed them, added a tiny drop of water, made a paste, applied this to the wound and covered with a band-aid (the wound was about 2″ is diameter). In the morning….and I swear to this, the wound was completely healed! He has been bitten by a recluse twice and I have been bitten once. I used this remedy on myself when I discovered a very large bite on the fleshy part of my hip. By the time I discovered the wound, it was the size of a grapefruit! Anyhow….there was so much dead tissue in the center that when I applied the Tylenol, it burned bad. Two days later, the wound was completely healed and I have no scar! I would recommend that Tylenol (acetaminophen be carried with you, especially in remote areas. Not only for a decent pain reliever, but as an excellent treatment for bites of any kind. Usually, ERS prescribe antibiotics, etc. for recluse bites, but save yourself the trip and use this treatment. Whatever brand of acetaminophen you but, make sure it is the white tablets that you can crush. BTW, Adolph’s meat tenderizer works great for marine stings.

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