50 Camping & Survival Tricks that could Change Your Life

Posted: 30th December 2013 by admin in Survival Info
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 50 Camping & Survival Tricks that could Change Your Life Whether you’re going out camping with the family for fun, or you’re going off grid for a while, the following fifty tips and tricks can help your life remain much more comfortable, and even improve the chances of survival. Cook sandwiches with a campfire Panini maker.  This is a simple item that you can cook just about anything in, right over a camp fire! Use an old Altoids tin, some cardboard and wax to make a long lasting light (and heat) source.   Just cut the cardboard to the depth of the Altoids tine, bend it back and forth to fill the tin. Melt the wax, and pour it slowly into […] Read more

Are you REALLY in the Right Political Party?

Posted: 21st December 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Politcis / Government
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Whether you have officially registered with a political party, or you just informally associate with one, almost everyone considers themselves a part of one part or another.  In addition, most preppers and people who visit this site likely consider themselves Republicans.  We tend to want a smaller government that is involved with far fewer things.  We tend to want lower taxes, less state required handouts, and the freedom to live our lives the way we want.  We typically believe that government, to the point that it is necessary, should be primarily handled at the local and state levels, with as little as possible being controlled by the federal agencies. While everyone has slightly different reasons for these beliefs, we can […] Read more

Introduction to Hunting Dangerous Animals

Posted: 17th December 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Animals, Hunting & Trapping, Wilderness Survival
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Hunting is an essential survival skill for anyone who wants to be prepared for the worst. In most cases, hunters go after minimally threatening animals like deer, antelope, or any type of small game.  Of course, all hunting can be dangerous, but for the most part a hunter is pretty safe when targeting these types of prey.  Whether for the thrill, or necessity, however, some people also hunt dangerous animals that can fight back.  In order to be prepared for this type of hunting, you’ll need to keep some things in mind. Types of Dangerous Animals There are many different animals you can hunt that can be extremely dangerous.  The following are some of the most commonly hunted dangerous animals […] Read more
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When it comes to prepping there are many different potential threats that we need to be ready for.  Everything from civil unrest to medical pandemics and even foreign invasion.  While it is certainly smart to be ready for these types of things, the most likely disaster will be weather related.  Almost all parts of the world experience some type of severe weather including hurricanes, tornados, severe snow or ice storms, floods and many others. Preparing for weather emergencies will be different for everyone, depending on what types of weather is most common in the area.  No matter what the threat, however, there are certain things that everyone has in common.  Food, water and shelter are three of the necessities people […] Read more

Will the Government Be There for You?

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Whether it is hurricane season, tornados, severe winter storms, or a man-made disaster, being prepared is essential for survival.  These types of emergencies normally only last a few days or a week at the most, but if you aren’t ready, it can be extremely dangerous during that time.  Sadly, many people believe that government agencies like FEMA, the National Guard or even their local police and fire departments will be there to help them when these types of problems come up. The government may do the best they can in these situations, but if the past has taught us anything, it is that they are unable (or unwilling) to provide the necessary protection, supplies and rescue efforts during emergencies.  It […] Read more

How To: Beekeeping

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Beekeeping is a great hobby, which many people enjoy from around the world.  It is actually one of the oldest forms of agricultural food production, with evidence of it dating back thousands of years to ancient Rome and Egypt.  The honey harvested from beekeeping is a delicious snack, and is actually one of the healthiest ways to sweeten almost any food.  In addition, honey never spoils, so you can store it for as long as you want.  When it comes to preparing for an uncertain future, beekeeping truly has a lot to offer. If you’re interested in becoming an amateur beekeeper, you’ll need to know how to get started.  Beyond the initial setup, however, beekeeping is a very affordable and […] Read more

Survival Camping with the Kids

Posted: 21st November 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Hunting & Trapping, Pioneer Life Syle, Wilderness Survival
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Survival camping is an activity which is growing in popularity for survivalists, preppers and others who just like to experience the great outdoors in a more natural way.  Rather than camping in an official camp ground, survival camping can occur in just about any open, public area.  Each person will have a different set of rules they must follow, but typically they only have a tent and some basic survival equipment with them.  Surviving off of what you can hunt or fish in the wild for as long as you decide to go camping. This is a great way to test and sharpen your survival skills, but it does come with some risks.  If you want to take kids out […] Read more
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If you want to be truly ready for any disaster or emergency situation, you need to make sure you have enough food and water stored away for you and your family to survive on until the disaster is over, or you can establish other sources of food. Depending on your geographic location, the number of people in your family, and other factors, you’ll typically need 3-12 months of food stored up.  Some factors to consider are the ages of those in your family, how skilled you are at gathering food from the wild, and things like that. While it may seem overwhelming to try to build up 3-12 months of food for your entire family, it doesn’t have to happen […] Read more

Long Term Water Storage Guide

Posted: 12th November 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Water Storage
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When it comes to survival preparation, nothing is more important than water.  While it is possible to live without food or even shelter for weeks, people need a regular supply of water if they are going to make it.  In order to make sure you always have enough water, no matter the situation, it is essential to know how to store water safely for a long period of time.  There are two types of long term water storage preparation, stocking up and finding & storing water naturally. Stocking Up on Water If you start storing water today, it is extremely easy to store it safely.  This is because you can buy purified water, and keep it in the storage containers […] Read more

5 of the Most Challenging Hiking Trails in America

Posted: 5th November 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Wilderness Survival
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Getting out into the great outdoors is something that everyone should do once in a while.  If you want to turn your outdoor experience into a challenging trip that will help you prepare for survival in almost any situation, choose one of the following hiking trails and see how far you can go.  Whether you’re going out on your own, or with a group, these trails are known for their difficulty, and even danger.  Far from a casual stroll through the woods, you’ll need to be prepared before taking on these hikes. If you’re up for the challenge, pack your backpack with some supplies, don’t forget your first aid kit, and start walking.  You’ll undoubtedly find these trails challenging, yet […] Read more