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Rise of the Preppers:America’s New Survivalists


By Jessica Bennett Newsweek Web

Dec 28, 2009



They call themselves ‘preppers.’ They

are regular people with homes and

families. But like the survivalists that came before them, they’re

preparing for the worst. View More…


Many thanks to Newsweek and Jessica Bennet for this article, and

for presenting ‘Prepper’ to the mainstream public. -ed.




On Jan 19th 2010 Pioneer Living (John and Carrie Milandred)


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On Feb 4th 2010

An article about PL on the Ready Nutrition website. This type

of article makes it all worth it.


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 Feb 10, 2010

Pioneer Living and American Preppers was just enter viewed By:

The Observer (A newspaper out of the UK) doing a story on prepping

and the prepper movement and will be out on Sunday Feb 14th 2010.


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 Feb 13 at 5:00pm (Ct)

  On the Micheal Hart show on THE SOURCE (WYDE) out of Birmingham

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about. I (Tom Martin) hope to get an opportunity to talk about the

upcoming Symposium and Pioneer Living. If you don’t live in the

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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010  Katastrofen News in Sweden 

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Americans are preparing for end times

February 16, 2010, 20:13

Magda Gheorghe / REALITATEA.NET



Translated from Romanian


Republic of Moldova News Papers


Almost the same as Romanian Post from Israel

February 17, 2010 – 18:10 ( Magda Gheorghita




Hebrew  from Israel

Home »Leisure Style» New Age »around the cosmos

See the end: a new movement in the U.S. going to end world

Once they were kind of hysterical eccentrics. Today these learners

class citizens (the network) how to survive without electricity

supermarket for global disaster (any kind) coming.





News in Polish same as above.




 Thursday Feb 18, 2010 at 2:30 PM CT

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Tuesday , May 4 2010

 Natural News

Preparedness goes mainstream: “Preppers” come from all walks of

life (and they all want to stay alive)





Monday,  July 26 2010

Survivalisme et prepping

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 On Friday, Aug 13th 2010

Prepper Preparedness and Pioneer Living 8/13/2010 – Doctor Prepper | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio  Friday August 13th at 7:00PM CDT. 7:00-9:00PM How did our grandparents great grandparents and ancestors survive without all the modern conveniences available to us today John and Carrie Milandred owners of and editors of Pioneer Living Survival Magazine are here tonight.




Tuesday, September 14th @ 9:00 pm (EDT) / 6:00 pm (PDT)

Complete Survivalist

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Survivalisme et prepping

Sep 17, 2010

Translated from French: Website

To the United States and to Canada develop networks, communities of people that get ready to the worse one, without knowing exactly to what.

The prepping was born first to the United States, where the unemployment rate that attains henceforth the 10%, instills a climate of deaf anguish for the future.

In the order and in the disorder are enumerated the different catastrophes being able to arise at any moment and for which ones it suits to prepare itself.

Floods Hurricanes Tornados Earthquakes Tsunamis, etc….

The interest of the gait is that she is centered on an autonomy research, and it is in that that the experience comes close to us which we expect to live with the oil peak.

At present, the people get ready, but vaguely without knowing really against what.  The priority of the preppers is to assure their subsistence in stockant sufficiently of screw and of water.  The movement is to be come close to the transition communities that created themselves in the countries Anglo-saxon (US, England, Australia, New Zélande) regarding to prepare itself to the more specific difficulties of the oil peak.

The French-speaking branch develops in France and to the Quebec.

The accent is more placement on the urgency with the preppers with the making of trusses relief that one can see on  One also there can find counsels on the gardening, stamping, the fight against the thumbtacks or the manufacture of savon.  The suburban ones are not forgotten with a chapter that is consecrated them.

If the oil peak will be on the contrary more a slow deterioration of our level of life with the comfort that is associated him, it is in any case the same independence that is wished, in a world interconnecté or no case country is under cover of an economical or collapse social.

It is what advocates through the testimonies of those that get ready to an uncertain future.



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