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Preppers Podcast Radio Network


Pioneering Your Way To Freedom Radio Show #8.8

With Host : John Milandred Talking about Self Reliance’s, Homesteading, Prepping, and Preparedness.

Mondays at 8:00pm CST 9:00PM EST

Special Guest: Craig Meade of

Craig’s day job is directing and producing television documentaries.

Ten years ago he directed a series called Colonial House that followed a family as they tried to live as frontier settlers in the year 1853.  They could only use the tools and materials that were available in 1853 and had to do things the settlers’ way.

Guiding us was a fabulous book written for the settlers in 1851.  It was more than 1000 pages long with two columns of text on every page.  I read that book every single day of the two month job.

To Listen before it is posted on PL go to:

Or after the show to our Preppers channel here on PL.

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