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Review of the Sun Oven


All American Sun Oven®

When we received our All American Sun Oven we were so excited to test it out.  There are several reasons why we wanted to add this product to our preparedness supplies.

As stated on their website, SUN OVENS® can be used year round on sunny days. Even though it is called an oven, food can be baked, boiled or steamed. So other than fried foods, anything normally cooked on a stove top or in an oven can be cooked in a SUN OVEN®.

Cook for free

Bakes, Boils or Steams Any Kind of Food with the Power of the Sun – No Fuel Needed!

This is a huge benefit for us as we strive to use very little electricity on our homestead.

No learning curve

Create your favorite recipes as you feast upon natural sun baked treats!

The SUN OVEN® was so easy to set up and use. 

    Just like your home oven

Reaches Temperatures of 360° to 400° F!

Can’t wait to use the SUN OVEN® all summer long as our outside temperatures reach 100°.

Totally Safe – No Danger of Fire – Never Burn Dinner Again!

Safe enough for our 12 year old daughter to use as she is learning to cook.

    Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with your SUN OVEN® you may return it within 30 days of the date you receive it and you will receive a refund.

In the first 30 days of using the SUN OVEN®, we have cooked pot roast, chicken and even baked cookies!  The days that we used it were in the low 70’s and windy.  Everything was perfectly cooked and delicious!

Cooking in the SUN OVEN® is easy, fun, natural, and nutritious. A must have in the event of a power failure; take camping with you, or just cooking in your back yard.

Boil or pasteurize water, make sun tea, naturally dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meats, heat water for a sponge bath, kill infestations in grains or dried foods, sanitize dishes, dry firewood,   sprout foods, and de-crystallize honey or jams.  So many uses! A preparedness item that pays for itself!

My family strongly recommends adding this product to your preparedness/camping supplies.


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