Rooting hormone and plant growth

Posted: 14th February 2011 by Preppers in Survival Gardening
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Weeping willow water rooting hormone 

Planting time is almost here……

To make your own weeping willow water rooting hormone first collect inchthick branches from a weeping willow tree. Cut up the branches into inch longpieces and soak them in water for 24 hours. Once soaked, drain the willow waterinto a separate container to strain out all the chunks of weeping willowbranches. The resulting brew is somewhat of a weak strength liquid rootinghormone.

The cuttings then need to be soaked in this solution for 24 hours before being planted. Cuttings need to be soaked for a long time for the weaker willow water solution to be absorbed. The benefit of using the weaker willow watersolution is that there is little risk of over saturation, which ensures the cuttings root quickly and their roots grow healthy and fast.

For cuttings to successfully root, certain expectations need to be met.Light, temperature and humidity all factor in the successful rooting of anycutting. What really allows plants to be cloned through the cutting process isrooting hormones. Natural hormones in the plant, as well as the rootinghormones that are commercially available, cause green stems cell to becomeundifferentiated cells. The plant then forms a callus at which time theformation of root cells begin. The commercial rooting hormone compounds simplyquicken the process and give the cutting a certain edge when developing rootsif properly applied. They can give the opposite effect and hinder root growthwhen over applied.

Weight the pros and cons or simply put the method to the test by growingcuttings with and without rooting hormones side-by-side and measure the resultsyourself. For this is truly the only way to really know whether a product worksfor you.

Also I have found by adding 25% seaweed (Kelp) extract to your willow waterand a small amount of honey will do wonderful things.

This solution can also be sprayed on your seeds before sprouting  to increase your germination rate.



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