Silver and Gold Authorities

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Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver

I am sure you have seen people invest in gold or silver at some point in your lifetime and have probably wondered what separates investing in precious metals from any other type of investment. There are two overriding reasons why you should strongly consider an investment in precious metals. For one, it is a great store of value and way to preserve your wealth. Additionally, it is a great combatant of inflation which is running rampant all over the world.

A Store of Wealth

Gold and silver are a great way to preserve your wealth because, unlike paper money which is constantly declining in value, the price of gold rarely ever experiences decline, and when it does it tends to bounce back unlike paper currency. In the event of economic or governmental collapse, two scenarios that are very possible in this day in age, gold and silver will retain their value in a way paper money won’t be able to.

If the US government or economic system were to collapse tomorrow, the green dollar bills in your wallet would be worth nothing, but gold and silver would retain their value and likely even build upon it. This is not a message to turn all of your money into gold and silver, but by investing even a little bit you are one step ahead of most other people today.

Fighting Inflation

Inflation is an undeniable and seemingly unpreventable fact of life that is constantly making our paper money less valuable. Inflation happens everywhere, mostly at constant rates, but the instance of hyperinflation is a possible scenario that would send any economic system into frenzy. Hyperinflation is inflation at rates that see paper money go from being valuable to completely worthless almost overnight.

If you look at Zimbabwe only a few years ago, hyperinflation became such a terrible problem that millions of Zimbabwean dollars could not even purchase you a loaf of bread. Gold and silver’s value does not get inflated because metals such as these cannot simply be printed like paper money is. For this reason investing in precious metals is a great way to fight against inflation as well as protect yourself from hyperinflation.