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Day 14Survival camping is an activity which is growing in popularity for survivalists, preppers and others who just like to experience the great outdoors in a more natural way.  Rather than camping in an official camp ground, survival camping can occur in just about any open, public area.  Each person will have a different set of rules they must follow, but typically they only have a tent and some basic survival equipment with them.  Surviving off of what you can hunt or fish in the wild for as long as you decide to go camping.

This is a great way to test and sharpen your survival skills, but it does come with some risks.  If you want to take kids out in the woods with you, it is important to balance the risks with safety for children.  Kids are obviously not going to be able to endure the same things that a trained adult can, so a little bit of planning is essential.

How to Plan

When planning this type of camping with children, you need to think about the safety of yourself and your children.  A lot of this will depend on the age and overall survivalist training and experience the child or children have.  A teenager, for example, will be able to handle a lot more than a young child of 7 or 8.  Regardless of the age, it is important to put safety first.  Bringing some extra food for emergencies, and even a cell phone is a good precaution, just in case something happens.

One great option for those who want to experience survival camping, without putting their children in significant danger, is to pack an extra, emergency back pack.  Contained within the pack can be some emergency rations of food, water, medical supplies and a cell phone or other communication option.  Leaving this pack untouched unless there is a real emergency will allow you to experience true survival camping, but with a safety net, just in case.

While in the Woods

When you are out camping with kids, make sure you don’t try to push them too hard.  Children don’t have the same endurance that adults do, though they may surprise you.  Taking more frequent breaks is a great way to not only let kid’s recover, but also to look around and analyze where you are.  Showing kids how to track animals, how to identify edible plants, which types of brush is good for starting fires and other survival techniques is a great way to make good use of any extra breaks you need to take.

Keeping kids safe from wild animals is another thing you need to keep in mind.  Make sure you know what threats exist in the area before you head out.  Places with large predators like bears or wolves can be dangerous, but they can also be a good opportunity for teaching your kids.  Constantly explaining to your kids how to keep these types of animals away is very important, and it could be lifesaving if they ever find themselves in a true survival situation.

Fun & Challenging

This type of activity should be kept fun for kids, but also challenging.  It can be hard to find that balance, but a successful survival camping trip with kids will be something they will remember forever.  Not only will they have the time of their lives out in the woods hunting, fishing, preparing camp, making fires and other activities, they will also be learning some invaluable survival skills.  Whether you take kids out survival camping once a year or once a month, you can always find new and fun ways to educate and challenge your children so they are ready for whatever life throws at them.

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