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Looking at survival websites part 1 of 3



Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko



The Survival Podcast is a daily online audio show about self sufficiency and self reliance in the modern world. He conceived and created this podcast because over the years he has come to realize how fragile the human condition and the United States economy really is.



From June 2008 – December 2009 he recorded the show during his 50 mile commute between Arlington and Frisco Texas. He now run the show as a full time business and record it each morning in his home office.



Some of the very early editions of this Podcast don’t have the best audio quality but he has over time updated his recording equipment.

Recording a podcast while driving on the interstate was a challenge he found but it was both enjoyable and a way to reclaim some of the three hours he loose each day. He decided to give it a try after he found Think Future News a Libertarian minded Podcast hosted by Chris Future (who just plain kicks ass) who also records his show while on the road.


I like his shows for the most part and he has gotten better with age but it seems to me that he just promotes himself and or anyone with money. Even when he recommends sites on the web they are sites selling products. It makes one think that money is all that matters to him. I am not saying that he should not make money but would like to see him do some type of link exchange and or promote other sites for free.


So most will say “Hay” he is doing some good and yes, I would say that to but only when it lines his pockets.


Look at his background and you tell me:


Jack Spirko’s history in sales and marketing follows  a colorful 13 year history.  Initially developing his career in the telecommunications sector specializing in fiber optic networks he made the move into sales in 1996.  In January of the year 2000 he landed his first million dollar purchase order at the young age of 28.  (This was a 1.4 million dollar deal with Yahoo!).  From there he moved on to positions with Garrett.Com and Fluke Networks.While selling came naturally to Jack he always saw it as a limited field.  In his own words,

“Once you sold something no matter how much you made doing it you had to turn around and do it again to have ongoing success and growth. I realized very early in life that systems were more important then raw talent“.


So in 1999 he began experimenting with using Internet marketing to develop leads for his sales teams and soon found success, as the Internet grew so did the success of his programs.  Eventually he made the transition out of sales and moved on to 100% focus on the power of Internet based marketing techniques.  During this time Mr. Spirko has consulted with and achieved results such as

From 2007-2008 he served as a personal consultant to Donald Trump’s “Trump University” winning accolades such as this one.Serving as a National Trainer for Cognigen Networks (now Commission River) from 2003-2006, he provided Internet marketing training to their 200,000 plus agent base and wrote the company’s primary training manual.He developed internet marketing and email marketing systems for Sage Telecom serving as their Head of Internet Marketing Services He improved the web dominance of “The Auto Club” in Austin TX assisting them in selling the company to AAAServing as Masterlinks “Director of Internet Marketing” he helped double their SEO business in 2005In 2006 he developed the a lead capture and pay per click marketing system for that tripled their initial results.  A system still in use today!Received National Recognition for his assessment of Microsoft’s Ad center Launch in Feb, 2006 Appeared as a guest speaker and guest lecturer at educational institutions and events such as delivering the Key Note address at the 2008 Construction Expo in Dallas, Texas.Some of his videos are currently being use in Masters Level Marketing Courses at the University of Texas, Arlington Developed the marketing program behind Ballistic Striking taking an unknown martial artist from zero to over 100,000 dollars in DVD sales.


Founded and Developed The Survival Podcast turning a daily commute into a thriving full time business in only 18 month with a simple MP3 Recorder and a blog.


So….mostly sales training and experience in sales… to funny!


Do I like him sure.


Just my thoughts any way!

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