Surviving After a Collapse

Posted: 25th March 2013 by admin in Civilization Collapse
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It’s a scary reality, but there are many experts that are predicting a financial collapse in the next few years. If you are like many people, then you want to prepare now so that you can survive when the collapse happens. There are many conflicting theories and guides about what the most important items are, but there are some absolute essentials that you need if you want to survive. If you want to continue living after the collapse without much difficulty, then you need to follow this guide.



Start Prepping Now
The key to surviving a collapse of any nature is to start preparing now. If you start preparing now, then you have much more time to get everything you need. This also gives you more time to prepare a food source and shelter that will be sustainable after the collapse. Many people that think about prepping don’t start for months or years, but this might put them in the same state as everyone else that didn’t prepare.

Starting right now is the best possible thing that you can do if you want to survive any collapse.

imagesBuy Food
One of the first things that you need to do to prepare for a collapse is to buy food. You should buy enough food to keep you and your family held over for at least five to 10 years. If you want to survive for that long, then you need to buy food that isn’t perishable. If you buy eggs, produce, meat or other items that rot fairly quickly, then your food source will run out very quickly.

It’s best to buy food that can easily be stored without a fridge or freezer. If there is a financial collapse, then chances are that power will also go out for everyone. You will find that canned and preserved foods are the best because they can easily be stored, they will stay fresh for a long time and they are cheap. Grains are also good because they can last a long time if they are kept correctly, and you can easily prepare them with some boiling water.




41WPHWater preparedness
Speaking of water, you will need a lot of water so that you don’t die of dehydration. Prepare as much as you can and store it so that it’s there when you really need it. You should also add water filtration equipment to your survival supply list.







imagesSustainable Food
If there is a financial collapse, then everything should clear within 10 years. At the same time, there’s no guarantee about that. It might be 20 years or more before things go back to normal. This means that you might need more food to keep yourself alive.

One of the best things you can do is start a planting and growing your own food. You can easily plow and tend a field without any power. Start buying seeds now and grow your own food. This will get you ready for tending the field on a daily basis, and it ensures that you have food growing as soon as the collapse starts.



6Prepare a Shelter
You currently have a house or apartment, but is that the best place to weather a financial collapse? You have to remember that everyone around you will be looking for your supplies, and they might become very violent as the collapse gets worse. Most people prefer to get land and shelter that is miles away from the city center. A forested area is perfect because there aren’t many people, it will be easy to grow food and you probably won’t have to deal with the people that are panicking in your city or town.

Buy a small patch of land and place a house or some type of shelter there. This will be the place where you will wait for the collapse to stop, so be sure that it’s sturdy enough to last for many years. It’s also good to get land that’s near water so that you have a sustainable water source.



backpacking1Get in Shape
Being in shape is just as important for your survival as having enough food and water. If you are in shape, then your body will be more resilient to pain, illnesses and you can easily do your daily tasks so that you can survive after the collapse. There probably won’t be any accessible doctors if there is a financial collapse. If you’re obese and out of shape, then the chances of you getting sick are much higher.




The last essential thing that you need to survive a collapse is medicine. Everyone gets sick, and there’s nothing like cough syrup to quickly stop a cold. You won’t have that convenience after the collapse, so it’s better to get the medicine now. You should also get antibiotics because they will be able to stop more severe illnesses before they can become dangerous.

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