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Bug Zappers

Posted: 24th January 2011 by admin in Bug control, Survival Gardening
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I’ve been gardening for over 30 yrs and would not be considered an organic gardener.     My garden has been as large as an acre and a half but have since cut back considerably to about 7/10 an acre.     I have dealt with all the calamities that come with gardening,  the bugs,  the pests,   the varmits,   climate conditions,  etc etc,   but one of my worst problems was with the caterpillar worms that attack my green leafy plants like collards,  cabbage,  lettuce,  broccoli,  etc etc,   and “especially” the corn earworms…..My success with corn,  because of the earworms,   always bordered a total loss……I never discovered where these worms came from until some extensive reading on the subject recently.   The information i found revealed it was nocturnal […]