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Comments Off on Live tonight: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy #3       Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy #3   Prepper Podcast   Call-in Number: (917) 889-7908 Upcoming Show: 11/19/2010 9:00 PM Host Name: Prepper Podcast Show Name: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy #3 Date / Length: 11/19/2010 8:00 PM Central Time- 1 hr Length:   Although Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy like to discuss medical care and food production, other aspects of preparedness are fair game for discussion in each and every show.This is because we are not your average conventional medical types and may put forth alternative advice not in the medical mainstream.  

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy Show #1

Posted: 4th November 2010 by milandred in Preppers Podcast / Archieves
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Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy Show #1   FIRST SHOW COMING UP ON FRIDAY!  11/5/2010   We’re excited about our new preparedness radio program, the Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy show! Nurse Amy and I are a rare and wonderful combination: two medical people that are both on the same page when it comes to commitment to prepare for likely scenarios that will end the world as we know it. We know that the high technology that we are used to utilizing is not going to be available (at least for very long) and we spend our time working on alternative strategies for those that intend to survive to reconstitute society.     Whether you are the designated […]