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Dutch Oven Cooking with Food Storage Have you ever wondered how you would cook your food storage when there is no gas or electricity for any length of time? There is a real possibility that this could happen. For instance, ice storms that take out power lines for weeks, tornadoes that do the same, earthquakes breaking natural gas and electrical lines, or a virus in the computer system of the power company. Any of these emergencies could happen to us today. Think about it. There’s not always sun to use your solar oven, the barbeque doesn’t bake bread very well, and that camp stove is going to run out of fuel if you have to use it for very long.  […]

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    #1 Storage Environment The ideal storage temperature is above forty and below sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Food may be stored in a higher temperature range but this higher temperatures will decrease the shelf life. Three temperatures are critical to the storage of food. First, some foods will be damaged if they are frozen. Second, above 48 Fahrenheit most insects become active. Third critical temperature is the temperature at which fats will melt about 95 Fahrenheit. In general, the lowest temp short of freezing should be used in storing most foods. The goal should be about 40 to 60 Fahrenheit and not higher than 70 F should be allowed. If your storage is kept in a garage or other area […]

Food Storage

Posted: 17th February 2010 by cindy in Canning and Preserving, Survival Food Strategy
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Everyone asks the question about food. What do we put back, How do we store it, What will we eat? I have found that putting back food that you already eat, is not going to hurt you. People that have farms, already have food for themselves, chickens, goats, livestock, turkeys, wheat, corn. But you can never be prepared enough. I have stocked pile foods such as canned meats, pastas, flour, sugar (the price is going up). When shopping those days buy one get one free, the extra one you got for free(not really) put it back. Now you will see it building slowly, and that is your goal. It is good to dehydrate foods, veggies, fruits, some meats, eggs, etc. […]

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          In the not too distant past, drying, salting, and live storage were the only ways know for preserving foods. The Indians of the North and South depended on sun-dried foods. The American settlers survived bitter winters by salt-cured foods and live foods in root cellars. Caesar’s army carried pickled foods and China dined on salt-cured vegetables. Canning has been one of the most popular methods of preserving food since 1809, when the technique was first developed. Canning must be carried out with careful care if bacterial contamination and spoilage are to be avoided. You must choose the proper canning method and follow procedures exactly, and adjust for high altitudes if needed. Salt was a treasured […]