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Ways to prepare and store food during an emergency situation! People in recent times are more aware of waste as they possess a good understanding of the dearth in the globe and the recent economic problems which are hitting the whole world. However, the rich Western countries, which are the, source of power of nearly all other countries’ are the ones who are mostly influenced by these economic crises. In most countries food supply is taken for granted. However, there are a few facts about the world food supply that needs to come in the limelight that the typical media is not reporting. There are many events that may have a main impact upon our lifestyle and behavior. Several events […]

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The Importance of Emergency Food Supply When a disaster strikes, you will lose some of your essential facilities. You will more than likely lose electricity, hence no refrigeration and even in some cases no gas may be available. This state may last for a while depending on the extent of the damage caused so does that mean that we do not eat during those times? Of course not! This is where emergency food supply comes in. During those trying times we need strong high – energy, non – perishable, no – preparation food for short – term aid. Likewise if you require this same type of non –perishable food for long periods or even if you are just a big […]