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The Prepper Podcast Radio News #1 The Prepper Podcast Radio News! Every Mon-Wen-Friday’s at 11:00am Central 12:00PM EST. Host: James Smith our Prepper Reporter! “There is Lame Stream News, Right Wing News, and now there is Prepper News. News targeted for all preppers. We report current and pending legislation and how it affects you. Learn of potential hazardous weather and potential disasters before they strike. Understand how the economy is forcing you to make tough decisions. This is YOUR news, news you can use”   Short Link:  

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Prepper Podcast Radio Network News Show # 9   9:00-10:00 pm central 2/1/11 To Night John talks about a 300 year old food forest in Vietnam. 28 generations have shared in developing this spectacularly lush environment that not only feeds the family, but provides all the medicinal herbs and plants they need. Geoff Lawton is a permaculture consultant, designer and teacher from Australia and we will be playing his clip. Also special guest is Glen Martin from the American Preppers Network. Tags: Prepper Podcast, Survivalist, APN, Survivalist Forum

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Prepper Preparedness Homesteading Show #5     Re-broadcast show from: Pioneering Your Way To Freedom!   Survival Podcast   Interview with Matt Jarvis from the Kentucky Preppers Network ( Matt also was the Host on The Preppers Podcast at ( Matt is a young American from Kentucky with a passion for freedom and liberty. He focuses on emergency preparedness, self sufficiency, and living an off the grid lifestyle. Matt has a passion for knowledge and is interested in politics, nutrition, and a Constitutionally limited government.