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Tarp Shelters

Posted: 24th January 2010 by admin in Survival Kits & Bug Out Bags
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  Plan, Improvise to Make Effective Tarp Shelters   Posted on March 2nd, 2010 by Leon in Emergency Shelter   In most cases, a properly-pitched and sited tarp shelter  works very well. The advantages of a tarp over a tent are primarily in the weight-savings category.  But in some instances and situations, a tarp may be the most effective shelter you can carry. This basic A-Frame tarp shelter is a good design to improvise from. Make this the planned shelter and modify it to fit the terrain and your needs. For years, I have included a tarp (along with some sort of survival knife) as part of my survival kit and  for shelter on backpacking and hunting trips. If I ever […]